Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sal's Message

We gather in the Lord's name and through the praise and quiet His presents was felt. He allow us to come and be held in His arms. The readings were-James Ch.1--Exodus Ch.14 Ver.11-14----Psalms 8-----Psalms 63----. Humility was share in the teaching, and when we accept that we are the best us that God could make we need never worry about our place in life because he has it all mapped out for us.We also must respect others and allow them to be the person God made them to be. May the Lord bless each of you this week and the Holiday weekend ahead. We will not meet next Monday evening because of Memorial weekend. We will be back on Monday June. 5,until then, God bless, Sal

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Monday Night 5/15

Anne was our 'LEADER' last night, Sal and Jan had family 'stuff' to attend to ,good fun 'stuff' with one of the Grandkids. We had Phyliss, Maryann,Elenore, lindy,Anne, Bill,Debbie and Geri .We had terrible lightning, thunder, and rain outside but inside we had a peaceful and serene connection with God. We had 'Readings' from Palms 130, Revelation 21 verse3, 2 Corinthians .-verse9 -Ephesians-1 and Palms 37. I know i spelled all of that wrong but maybe you got the right codes' anyway. I'll do better next time. Our 'message' tonight was from Anne. She read from a new book about Pope John. She read about Prayer and how the Pope prayed. How he lost himself in prayer and prayed and prayed and prayed all of the time for so many causes so many people. He would reach a 'state' of 'oblivion', almost, and a serentity surrounded Him when he was praying. He took it so, so seriously and of course when you think about it --only for a split second-I guess --it was his life--his job. He would lay face down on the floor ,at times, arms outstretched to God and offer his Prayers. This led us into disscussions about Mother Theresa as well.-------- At the end of our night we prayed for Elenore--always keep Elenore in your prayers and we prayed for Geri. Geri has problems with her eyes--there is more 'pressure' there than what should be. She is going for tests.--I want to end with this. I could not remember Geri's name--think I must be spelling it wrong---but when I started this blog today I could not remember her name. My excuse is they say that when you have Chemotherapy you lose 15% 0f your memory--maybe that's it but I could not, not, NOT remember this dear lady's name. I could not finish this Blog' without it. --I said to myself "Well it is asking a lot and almost a'test'--sacred ground here but I had no other choice and it was for a good cause so I decided to pray to God to give me her name. I sat back closed my eyes and tried to like 'drift' above it all. Kind of like go up into the air above the prayer meeting--see everyone down in their seats and try to get the name , somehow , that way. It took less than a minute. I had been 'agonizing' over her name for more than ten minutes before and then-just like that-- God gave me her name.--In your prayers please pray for Rich Barney and Anna. He is fighting such a difficult fight and she there right by his side.-Please pray for Eugene in the Nursing Home facing--?. He smiled last week. I dont know , that in similiar position, that I could do that.--Pray for Anne and Bill as they go the Genersat? weekend with all of thiose people facing such terrible illnesses. .------ From our Spirit and our heart and soul.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Folks Fighting To Live Again

Today i went with my brother to his ,scheduled,chemotherapy sessions. While there I met and talked to several people who were undergoing Chemotherapy for various cancers. I would like us to pray ,when you think about them ,during the week. One of them is an elderly Chinesse gentleman. He is always smiling and filled with 'good cheer'. When I asked him how long he was undergoing Chemo,. every other week, he said "Since October'. I asked how long he had to go and he said "Till' October". I said "Wow that is long time. October to October", He said 'Yes October of 2004 untill October of 2006"!!!!!!!.------------ Another person is a lady who is 60 years old--just had a birthday--doesn't look 60 at all. She is normally a very outgoing-happy--smiling--person but this has dragged her down. She is very depressed. She has a new granddaughter and she has a lot to 'live' for but she doesn't think her smile and energy will return but her prognoisis is very good. It will!!!!. It really will return. She will smile again she just doesn't believe it now. Chemo. is not fun for anyone but she can return to her 'old' self. Pray for these two . I will tell about others soon.---Thank you. -----Bill

Sal's Reflections

With an open heart and mind, we came together tonight to praise, sing, and worship our Lord. He again was present to us through His readings, sharing, and teaching. There was a reading from John 14- Ver.15-21, and Matthew 26-Ver.26, The Lord reminded us that waiting for prays to be answer, may seen forever, but he does answer in His time. He never fails us and He will always be there. The Lord will come through, He will delivered Himself, He comes to us at His right time, he will delivered our request, He always does. Just have the faith to believe and remain strong. Until next Monday, may God bless each of My Sisters and Brothers, in Christ.

Note: Until Sal is able to post these himself, I'll do it for him

Monday, May 08, 2006

Saturday, May 06, 2006


Gennesaret is a retreat for people with a serious illness. May 19 thru 21st my husband and I will be working as team members. We have done this in the past and have found it to always be a very rewarding weekend for everyone involved. I'm asking that you pray for the Lord to bless this retreat abundantly. Pray that the Lord will open ears and hearts to hear His voice and pray that each retreatant will know the Lord's healing touch. During the weekend, letters of prayer support are given to the retreatants. If you would like to write a letter or several to be given that weekend it would be great. Sometimes school children pray for the retreatants and they write letters and draw pictures. All the letters are treasured. We suggest you address the letter Dear Friend. You can give me the letters at the prayer meeting.

A Prayer Request

Since today is First Communion Day at our Parish and others (and if not at yours, it will be soon, if it hasn't been recently) I'd like to offer up a prayer for the children receiving communion for the first time: that they be able to understand and thrill at the reality of Christ's presence in the Eucharist; that they (if they can't fully grasp transubstantiation) can be in awe of what they are experiencing today; and for that matter - that all of us, who are well past our first communion, remember, each time we receive, the wonderous gift Jesus gave us in the Eucharist.

A Little Introduction

Since I don't go to the prayer meetings, I thought I'd introduce myself to all of you. I'm Christine, Anne's daughter. I would attend the prayer meetings if it were at all practical, but unfortunately, it is not. I'm helping Anne K and Bill M set up this blog. So if any of you have any questions or problems, feel free to send them my way. I don't promise to have answers, but I'll do my best.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Finally got here

well, hope I figured this out and this gets on to the blog site.

Still New at this we are.

Suggest you check out the 'Blog' site as often as you check the e-mail site and make sure your 'message' is heard either way.


Welcome to our new 'Beginnings'. We will be experimentinmg with this site for a few days/weeks/months until we get it right. Any thoughts or ideas that you would like to add or subtract feel free to do so.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Welcome To Our Blog

Merciful Savior Prayer Group has decided to enter the online age. Our hope is that this blog will help us to become more connected. This blog can be used to post prayer needs. This is a chance to share our thoughts and feeling with each other aside from our Monday evening prayer meeting. Our hope is that we will become closer to each other and to our Lord. Halleluia!