Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sal's Message

The evening started slow, could be the way the day was, damp and raining, but once we began to allow the Lord to touch us we felt our Lord's presence. The music was beautiful, what a gift the Lord gave us. Thanks, Mary Ann. After singing and hearing the Lord speak to us we prayed, listened to a teaching on Mercy, and just felt in love deeper with the Lord. The readings were: John Ch. 8 Ver 12 and Ver. 31-32--- Luke Ch6- Ver. 27-36--- and John Ch. 1-18. Remember, never ignore the opportunity to be merciful. So this week allow yourself to be merciful to others. We will meet next Monday in the chapel, so please park in the back so we can all leave together. May the Lord be with you this week. God Bless Sal

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sal's Message

It was good to be back to our regular prayer meeting in the Chapel. Tonight we allowed the Holy Spirit to gently touch us and we did not have to look at the time. The Lord was with us. A word was given, " My children remain open, hold My hand for I am with you."-- also My children I have walked among you tonight and I have anointed each of you. The readings were: 1Corinthians Ch.10- Ver. 23-26----and Psalms Ch.21-Ver. 1-8---. The teaching was on how to dwell in His presence and in moments of prayer giving thanks for the faith He has given us and also how grateful we are for the community, prayer group and our sisters and brothers that attend our pray meeting We are strong in number and powerful in prayer. We thank the Lord for all of us, and ended feeling joyfilled. We will meet next Monday and allow the Lord to touch our hearts again. Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving. Love in Christ Sal and Janice

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sal's message

Our prayer meeting tonight went from the choir room to Father Anderson,s Library, but when we settled down the Lord came upon us and we felt His presence. With song in our hearts and praise we enjoyed the singing and sharing. The reading were 2 Corinthian Ver. 5-----1John ch.3-ver24-29-----Psalms 23. We had a short teaching tonight on Finding Christ. If you read John13-ver.8-12 you may understand about looking for Christ in your life. He may be right in front of you, in your loved ones or your friends or people passing in your life. So this week seek the presence of God in all things, realizing that He is often to be found in the lives of those around us. Next Monday we will be back to our regular prayer service starting at 7:30 p.m. in the Chapel. Not sure if you can park in back or front. Just check as you drive in. Have a safe and holy week. God Bless, Sal