Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sal's Message August 23

With great joy we gathered together in His Name tonight. Yes, Jesus is the Way and with our hearts filled with His love, we sang and praisee our Lord. A word of prophecy was given: { My Children listen closely to My words tonight for they will guide and direct you.}--also--Anne spoke about the Lord's goodness in each of us and the beauty around us. We must see this beauty and know that it is from Him. The readings were from Isaiah Ch. 55--and--Ch. 6-ver. 8. The teaching was on letting loose your praise, and sharing from Isaiah Ch.1- ver.17 -Learn to do good; seek justice, rebuke the oppressor; defend the fatherless, plead for the widow. God wants worshipers with hearts full of love for Him that will overflow in good deeds for others. We could feel His presence and we are grateful for this prayer group. May we continue to grow stronger in the Lord. Next week please bring your Bibles and any sharing you may have. Anne will be leading the prayer meeting . Also the following week is Labor Day weekend, so we will NOT meet on Sept. 6, but will return on Sept. 13, to praise and worship our Lord. Have a safe holiday weekend. Until then may the Lord bless each of you and keep you safe in His care. God bless, Sal

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


To My Sisters and Brothers in Christ, Lindy reminded me about the Prophecy given last night, I forgot to include: {{ My Children, I hear your cry, I sense your need. Remember I Am always here for you.}} Have a bless week. Sal

Sal's Message April 16

We started not in the chapel, but in the church, because there was work going on in the chapel. So setting up and then settling down took awhile. But that did not stop us from allowing the Lord to come into our hearts. He is just a Great God. Mary Ann brought her guitar and filled the church with her music. This opened us up to fill our hearts with the love of Jesus. The readings were:--Psalms- 17---Psalms - 18--ver. 3-4---Psalms 81--91--and--Matthew Ch.22-ver. 34-40. The teaching was given by Geri and she did a great job, allowing us to keep in mind what the Lord wants us to do, what road to walk on, being open to others, and finding happiness through it all, and much more. Thank you, Geri. You are a gift to God. Next week we will gather in His Name. Let us try to attend and allow the Lord to work in our life. God Bless. Sal

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sal's Message August 9, 2010

Thanks be to God for giving us this Prayer Group, and the Church and Chapel to pray, praise and worship Our Lord. Tonight as we sang and listened to what the Lord is asking us to do, through His words in each song and the one bible reading which was Psalms 71. I believe sometime this week we should stop and read this Psalm. A word was given--{ My Children You Have Heard Time Will Heal All Wombs, Well My Children Faith and Trust In Me, Will Heal All Wombs.}---The teaching was from John 4: ver. 35--and--John 15: ver.5. We must recognize when someone is ready to hear about Christ, and also remember He who abides in me and I in Him, bears much fruit, for without me you can do nothing. So let us place ourselves in Christ, read His word, and allow the Lord to work through us. Next week if Geri is still up to it, she will be doing the teaching. Please come to support her. Thank you and God Bless, Sal

Monday, August 02, 2010

Sal's Message August 2, 2010

My Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, Tonight as other nights began with Prayer, Praise, and Song. We asked Jesus to come into our hearts, and He did. We filled the chapel with Mary Ann's beautiful music and this allowed us to feel the presence of the Lord. We had two guests with us, Lindy's friend from Florida, Josephine, and Anne Slate's Nephew, Tom. We rec'd a word tonight, {{ My Children I have heard you cry, I have heard your call, I have heard your request, remain faithful servants and I will answer your request.}}--The reading were: Psalms 112--Romans Ch5-v. 1-5---and---John ch. 14. ver. 1-7...The teaching was on The Father's Love--and how God works all things for the good to those who love Him. We ended in peaceful prayer and went home filled with the love of Jesus. Until next Monday have a bless week. Love in Christ Sal

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sal's Message July 26, 2010

With a full moon outside and our hearts waiting to be filled with the Lord's presence, tonight we gathered with love for Our Savior and love for each other and our prayer family. The readings were: Psalms 54--Psalms 138--and John 17- ver. 1-5. The evening was beautiful as we sang along with Mary Ann's playing and listened to the Lord speak to us. Yes, He did. Tonight was sharing from the bible and our lives. We heard many interesting things, but most important we heard we are to Trust. Trust in our Lord and how He works in our life. Can we do that? Coming each week will help us learn how to keep our faith and trust in the Lord. We need this prayer group and each other. Until next Monday, have a blessed and safe week.