Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sal's Message June 13, 2011

We again gathered in His Holy Name, for another evening of Pray, Praise and Worship. But tonight we had Mary Ann's beautiful music and as we sang the music touched our hearts and we knew that the evening would be great. We received a word, {{ As the Women who touched my robe was healed, ask that you touch the foot of My Cross and have that much faith. }}--The readings also very powerful, -- Proverb Ch. 3 --- Philippians Ch. 4. - ver. 4-9--- Psalms 25---and Philippians Ch. 3--. The teaching was on Starting your day with God. When you first get up start with " Good morning, Lord I love you," read your Bible. The words of Scripture are alive. They are real today in our world. God has given us His Words as a source of Strength, Wisdom an guidance that lets us grow deeper in His Love. At the end of the teaching we accepted Jesus into our lives to be refilled, and each of us was blessed with Holy Oil. We closed in Prayer and Look forward to next weekend. Lindy will be doing the teaching so please try and come to support her. May the Lord bless each of you and keep you safe in His loving care. Sal

Friday, June 03, 2011

Sal's Message May 23, 2011

The Lord called eight of us together tonight to Praise and Worship Him this evening. And that we did. We sang and praised our Lord, and allowed Him into our hearts. A word of prophecy was given: {{ My Children Tonight I Will Talk With You, Walk With You And Sing With You. You Are My Faithful Followers, Tonight I Will Heal You. }}--The reading were: Psalms 33- and - John Ch.4- ver. 31-36. The teaching was on being kind to one another. Our Lord is a Merciful Lord, and He wants each of us to be merciful, because Mercy is part of His Nature. He wants us to extend our Mercy to others. The teaching closed with this: " The Way God Treats Us Shows Us How He Wants US To Treat Others. " We closed in prayer. Have a Safe and Bless Holiday week. Sal