Friday, August 28, 2009

Sal's Message Aug 24th

With joyful hearts we open witih prayer allowing the Lord to come into our hearts. We sang many songs and we received a word from our Lord. { My Child have no doubts for I am with you always}, the readings were: Psalms 33---John Ch.6-ver. 32-40---Psalms 91, and Psalms 54. The teaching was on God's gift to each of us. The gift He offers us is our eternal destiny, so we have to make a choice. Do we want His gift of eternal life with our Lord or not. I'm sure we all know what we want. We ended in prayer. We thank Debbie and Bruce for a great day Sat. opening there home to us. We will meet next Monday at 7:30 p.m. to share with our Bibles. It is the end of the month. Where did summer go? So please bring your Bibles and share on how the Lord is working in your life. We have found that this night turns out to be very powerful. Thank You Lord. Have a great week, God Bless Sal

Sal's Message Aug 17th

The night was hot outside but in the Chapel the air was cool, and our hearts were warm with the love of Jesus inside us. We sang and enjoyed how the Lord works with us we began to feel His presencs. A word was given {My Children before you leave tonight, place your hands on My Cross, and I will heal you.}--The readings are: Isaiah 35--and---Psalm 136-ver. 1-9. The teaching tonight was given by Mary Ann, and how powerful it was. She shares on prayer. We learned that prayer was put in place by our Lord, for us. We must follow God's directions, remember God leads and we should follow. We must be in His Word daily, open the bible and start reading, make time for Him. It will help us grow. We will meet next Monday at 7:30p.m. in the Chapel, and don't forget Debbie's Pool Party this Sat. call Debbie if your coming. Until then have a Cool week. Sal

Response from Bill on Aug 10th Prayer Meeting

Sal -I thought your son did a wonderful job. He was very 'forceful' very animated very focused and hit his 'message' hard. I know that he had us, all, thinking about what he was trying to drive home.
BUT--it was a very difficult 'message' for us to come to grips with so easily.
Try to focus on God--not focus on all of the trials and tribulations that face us on a daily basis--BUT--- that is exactly what we have to try to do. He is right.
Very tough to do-- but he is right.
You and Jan are surely very proud of him and with good reason..
It seems he would make such a wonderful Teacher.
We have to continue our prayers for him. He is the kind of person we need teaching our kids.


Sal's Message Aug. 10th

This evening was special for Janice and me. We had our son Steven in from texas and he came to the prayer meeting and did the teaching tonight. A few words were given tonight,{ My children take hold of My hand for tonight you will begin a new journey with Me.}----{I have heard your cry My child and I shall remain with you.}---The reading came from: 1 John Ch. 2 ver. 24--20---1 Corinthian's ---Psalms 30---Psalms 92. The teaching by Steven was powerful and he gave us a lot to think about tonight and this week. He shared on God's promise to us, and reminds us of many things we should be doing to keep us close to Our Lord, like getting into His word. He told us what BIBLE stood for, ( Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth). Everyone enjoyed his teaching. Thank you son for a great job tonight. Next week we will meet at 7:30 p.m. in the Chapel. Also do not forget Debbie's Pool party on Aug. 22, Sat. at 2:00p.m. all our invited, call for direction. God Bless Sal

Sal's Message Aug 3rd

Tonight was again a night of prayer, praise, and glorifying The Lord, and so we did. We missed Mary Ann's music but we sang, and guess what we were not that bad. A word was given, { My Children allow some quiet time this week, and I will guide you.} The readings were: Psalms 95----Romans ch.1 ver. 16-17----and---1 John 3-ver.1-3. The teaching was on making a choice to walk with Our Lord or walk without Him. The choice is ours to make. Coming here each week shows that we want to walk with our Lord. Using God's gifts also shows others our love for Him. We shared a little and ended with prayer knowing how much the Lord needs us and wants each of us. Until next Monday at 7:30p.m. Have a safe week. God Bless Sal SS