Monday, September 24, 2007

Sal's Message

Tonight we had the pleasure of having Sonia and Anna attend our prayer meeting. It was great to see both of them. We started quietly and allowed the Holy Spirit to come into our hearts. A word was given, "Tonight My children let you hearts be your guide and I will be beside you". The readings were: Psalms Ch. 33-ver.1-5---Psalms Ch.139-ver.1-18----Isaiah Ch. 41--ver.28----Matthew Ch. 5-ver. 3-10. A poem was read by Geri which was very powerful. The teaching was on Mercy, how God's mercy works in our lives. We must remember even the smallest act of mercy will show God's Love and patience to others. We ended in a small sharing and prayer. Another beautiful evening with our Lord. REMINDER, the next six weeks we will meet in the choir room, at 7:30p.m. Please try to come on time. We will pray, sing and offer up our prayers. Then we will go into church for those of us who will be attending the bible study at 8:30p.m. We will be parking in the front of church from now on. Have a blessed week, Sal

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sal's Message September 17

With the Grace of the Holy Spirit tonight, we enjoyed Mary Ann's beautiful music as always, and we allowed the Holy Spirit to come into our hearts. Being in the chapel and praising the Lord just makes you feel so good. A word was given: "My children when you leave here tonight you shall leave with a healing heart." The readings were:John Ch. 3----and Matthew Ch. 5-Ver. 1--12--"The Beatitudes". The teaching was on "A Divine Appointment", that is experiencing the Holy Spirit in your daily life. A story was read, and we realized that we are true children of God the Father, the Creator of all Things. We also had five minutes of just thanking the Lord for everything he is doing in our life. That was also powerful. Thank you Lord for a blessed evening. Until next Monday went we meet in the Chapel, God Bless each of you. Sal

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sal's Message

What a powerful evening the Lord gave us tonight! We started singing and praising the Lord off key, but after a while we sounded like angels. Well, that may be a bit too much but the Lord filled the chapel. The readings were: Ephesians Ch. 1 Ver. 3--6---2 Corinthans Ch 1. ver. 3--6 and 1Corinthans Ch. 1- ver. 26--29. The teaching was on Staying in the Palm of His Hand. The evil of the world is so prevalent that you almost seem foolish if you are not open to all the wrongs in it. We have to be careful to stay in this "safe place" that is, being in the Palm of His Hand. We must call on the Lord and know that He is our Shepherd, that He will always be there for each of us. We also had a powerful prayer time after the teaching. Many came up for prayer and we prayed for powerful healings. Until next week, may the Lord keep each of you safe. God Bless, SAL