Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sal's Message Feb 14, 2011

Last night as we gathered to Praise and Worship our Lord on Valentine Day, we were many, and it was great to have Bill back with us. With Prayer we began to feel the love of Jesus touch each of us, and as we sang the joy of Jesus came over us. The readings were: Psalms Ch. 138--Psalms Ch. 46--and--Psalms 145. I believe if we have time this week we should read each of these Psalms. The teaching was given by our Brother Manny. Itwas on Angels, what are Angels, and God's creation of Angels and their work in are Life. He continue with an in-depth study of Angels, and we thank him for his interest in this area. We share a little and closeed in prayer. Reminder next Monday we will not Meet. It is Presidents Day and the school is close, it may be to cold. We will meet on Feb. 28, this is the last Monday in the Month, and that is our Bible sharing night or whatever you may want or need to share on. This night has been a very powerful one for many of us in the past. Until then please keep Jesus by your side, and let Him Guard you daily. God Bless stay safe. Sal

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Sal's Message February 7, 2011

The Chapel was filled tonight with many of our Prayer Family. It was so good to see everyone. We sang songs from the Red Books and after opening prayer we began to feel the presence of Our Lord. The short time we have with the Lord each week helps each of us to grow stronger in the Lord. The singing, praising and praying brings it all together. Then there is the fellowship we have before, during and after. All this is mixed together and we get to see God's love working. A word of Prophecy was given, {{ In This Holy Place Tonight You Shall Find Peace, Trust In Me.}}The readings were: Psalms Ch. 2--Psalms 150--and--Psalms 89. The teaching was on Trust Through The Trials. It was, I believe, a very powerful message, so remember, He is a faithful God and He will always come through for us when we Trust Him. Amen. We closed in joyful prayer, and will meet Next Monday at 7: 30 p.m. Please try to attend. The teaching will be given by our Brother Manny. Come and support him. Have a blessed week and trust in The Lord Always. God Bless. Sal

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Sal's Message Jan 31, 2011

It has been two weeks since we gathered to Praise the Lord and as we began singing the Joy Of The Lord took over. We sang and laughed and felt the Lord touching our hearts. A word of Prophecy was given, {{ My Children Tonight I Will Share A Word With You. Take That Word And Use It This Week. }}--The readings were: Jeremiah Ch. 31--Psalms Ch 34- ver. 1-13.--and--Philippians Ch. 4-ver. 4-9. Another word was rec'd, {{ I Hear Your Cry My Child Leave Your Pain At The Foot Of My Cross. }}. The teaching was on forgiveness and Gratitude or Grumbling. We have to make choices in our life. Grumbling overlooks blessings, but Gratitude finds blessings everywhere. So ask God for His forgiveness, and with a little practice, anyone can master the art of Thankfulness, and also have Gratitude. We closed with a stronger love for Our Lord and will gather next Monday. Have a bless and safe week. Love In Christ. Sal