Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sal's Message Maech 28, 2011

Tonight was special because we prayed to Jesus to come into our hearts and into this Chapel, and He did, lovingly He touched each of us as we prayed for His presence. The Lord is so beautiful to each of us, and His words are also: {{ My Children You May Feel That I Am Not With You Sometimes But I Am With You Always. }}--also--{{ It Is Though The Grace Of God, I Am With You. }} The reading were: Psalms 50--Proverb Ch. 3--and--Psalms 83. The evening was on sharing what was on your mind. There was a Reading from the 23rd. Psalms, and then broken down each line, very powerful. There was a word of wisdom given also, " What is most valuable is NOT what we have in our lives, but WHO we have in our lives." ' We closed in prayer. NEXT WEEK we will not meet. The church is having a retreat for three days. The following week we will NOT MEET at the church, but will be at Anne K's house for our over due meeting to share on the pray group and if change is need. If you need direction please call Anne at 732-583-5515. We will meet on March 11, at 7:30 p.m. I hope you all can make it. This is important for us to get together and share. Please Try to come. God Bless-- Sal any other question please call me. Cell is 732-670-6182. Thank You.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sal's Message March 21, 2011

The Holy Spirit was with us tonight as we prayed and asked the Lord to come into our hearts. With the love of Jesus in the Chapel and the gift of Mary Ann playing her guitar and filling the chapel with God's music, we received a word of Prophecy- {{ My Children listen to My Words of Wisdom which you will hear through My Songs. }}-The readings were: Luke Ch. 18-ver. 15-17-Deuteronomy Ch. 30--Proverbs Ch. 2-ver.1--and Isaiah Ch. 40-ver. 31. Another word was given {{ You Are My Children, and I Am With You }}. The teaching was on Satan's subtle reasoning, how we can be selfish, but God calls us to put the good of others ahead of our selfish desire. So help us to see through Satan's twisted logic and agree to follow the Lord always. We shared and closed in joyful prayers. Next Monday March 28, is the end of the Month so it will be a night of sharing from our Bibles and or sharing what is on our hearts. Until then, keep Jesus close to you always. Sal

Sal's Message March 14, 2011

As Janice and I entered the Chapel we saw that something was going on in the Church with Father Dan, so I closed the doors and we sat quietly while everyone entered. We realized that we had to keep silence for awhile. So we started with quiet prayer and then prayed for our friends and family. By the time we finished they had left the church, and we began to sing and praise our Lord. There were many here tonight. A word was received early and shared { My Children Take Hold Of What I Have For You Tonight. Be Prepared To Use Your Gifts and Share Them With Others}. We had readings from: 1 John Ch. 3--and--Psalms 83. The teaching was on Enjoy Your Everyday Life. You have to be happy with the life that God has given you. He has a reason. Everything about you is by His design. So Embrace your life because God is never going to give you someone else's! We then shared on the gifts we have been given. We ended in prayer and will meet next Monday March 21, may God Bless you and yours. Sal

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Sal's Message March 7, 2011

With Love for Jesus in our hearts, we gathered last night to praise and worship our dear Lord. We come each week to grow closer to our Lord, through the fellowship of our Sisters and Brothers in Christ and the love we each have for our Lord. The readings were: Pslams 100--John 15- ver. 1--Pslams - 19- 22-31--and--Proverbs Ch2- ver. 1-8. Before the teaching Manny shared a short poem he had written--a Poem on Peace. Mary Ann's teaching started with a beautiful song, and then she shared her message, asking if the world has been sleeping while Chirst gave his message. Christ will be coming again, are we ready? There are many ver. in the bible that can help us. Here are just a few, Matthew 25. ver 5--Romans-ch.13- ver.11.--1 thessalonians Ch. 4-ver. 16-18. We shared on her teaching and closed in deep prayer. Until next Monday as we begin Lent, may the Lord Bless and Keep you in His Loving Arms. God Bless Sal

Sal's Message Feb 28

Tonight we were many in number. It was good to see so many gather together to Praise Our Lord. As we started to pray the Chapel was filled with God's words. We began to feel His presence. A word of Prophecy was given: My Children Your Faith in Me and My Love For You Will Heal Many Of Your Requests. The readings came from: Psalms 33--Psalms 39--and--Ephesians Ch.1-ver. 15-28. The evening was a time to share either on the Bible or something that happen to you last week. The sharing were great and many of us shared different topics. We closed in prayer and look forward to next Monday when Mary Ann will be doing the teaching. So please try and come and support her. Until then have a bless week. Sal