Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sal's Message

"Take hold of my hand my child for tonight I will guard you and lead you". Well, that is what our Lord did tonight. We came together hearts filled with the love of our Lord and throughout the evening whether it was singing, praising or sharing He showed His love for us. The readings were Philippians Ch.4-Ver.4--9----James Ch. 3. Another word from our Lord was that "He will never leave you or forsake you." The teaching was a story about approval and choices. Have you ever felt as if you had to please people? What is the best way of reminding ourselves we don't have to please people? That's where we left off, time to think and pray. We ended in prayer. Looking forward to next Monday evening. Mary Ann will be doing the teaching, so please try to support her. Until Monday have a blessed and safe week. Our prayers are with you all. God bless, Sal

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Sal's Message

When two or more are gathered in His name, well tonight we were four, and it was a beautiful quiet but loving time. As we open and pray and sang we began to feel the peace and presence of our Lord in the chapel, and when we started our pray request, the peace of the Lord seem to surround us. Itt was a very deep and strong time with our Lord as we each offered up our prayers. The readings were: Roman 8-Ver 14-17----Ephesians 1 Ver. 15-23. The teaching was on peace just as the evening was. Funny how our Lord works or is it? We shared on the prayer of St. Francis, and how we can get an insight into developing that peace in ourselves and be instruments of peace to others. We ended in quiet prayer and left feeling the quiet presence of Our Lord. We will meet next Monday at 7:30p.m. and also this Wed. at St. Ann's church. There is a healing mass at 7:30p.m. Sept.20, with Father Jeff Kegley. We are all going to try and attend if possible, if not we will keep all of you in our prayers. God Bless Sal

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sal's Message

Tonight our voices may have been a little off key, but the words of each song was very strong, as we continued to sing and praise the Lord we began to focus and feel the presents of our Lord. Some of the reading were: Lamentations Ch. 3 Ver.22-27----Colossians Ch.2 Ver. 4-8----Psalms21---Matthew Ch. 5-Ver.1-12. The teaching tonight told a story and at the end the moral was that we will not be remembered by our words, but by our kind deeds, also life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath. So this week we will try to go out and do God's ordinary miracles, the simple loving ones, the ones that will plant the seed of God's Love. So until next Monday, have a blessed and safe week. God Bless, Sal

Monday, September 11, 2006


Today is a day to remember.. I watched a little of the memorial service on TV...the persons at the podium reciting the names of the deceased, some brothers, some fathers, some mothers, some children, aunts, uncles, friends, wives, husbands...the list goes on. I could not help but to have those names again tug at my heart just like last year and the years before that. The tears welled up inside of me. I knew one man who died...he went to school in the Bronx in grammar school in my class thru the 8th grade. I remember he was my partner in a St. Patrick's Day Play at my school in 8th grade. We danced the Irish Polka together. So sad to know that he was in the thousands that perished that day. I know of a son of my orthodontist who also perished that day too...he worked on one of the top floors. And I know of a sweet lady from our prayer group who made it out that day all for the sake a cigarette smoke break before a meeting. I still remember waiting to hear if she made it out ok. O.K....well maybe just in speaking... I am sure the events of that day still linger in her mind and will be a part of her forever.

How sad for all of those thousands of people to die through no fault of their own. So many helped others to safety..others tried so hard but their efforts could not get them to safety and so many of them perished also.

Today...a day we will always remember...God help us to remember and not forget ever...but remind us to always pray for those who were left behind to carry on their families. Help us to ask for your grace to be with them always, that you will uphold them in your palms and open your arms wide to them because you know above all, how they are suffering now.

The ones who have died are with you...a roadway was created to Heaven that day, and you have welcomed them. We love them even if we don't know them, because you love them.

God we pray for peace that this never happens again!!!!

Friday, September 01, 2006

8/25/06 Monday Night Teaching -- Waiting

The word to wait in the dictionary means to stay put in anticipation of or expecting of something.

WAIT – it’s a short little word that can produce a great outcome…..or a time of anxiousness and impatience.

Waiting is the passage of TIME!!!

We wait for a late bus or train.
We wait at a red light in a car for it to turn green.
We wait in a long line at a supermarket.
We wait to get into a Broadway show or big hit movie.
We wait in a doctor’s office reception room, only to wait again in his or her examining room for the results of that test.
We wait for our family to be on time to go out to dinner.
We wait for time to stop….we wait for time to start.
We wait for our prayers to be answered, when we want them to be.

The Lord tells us to wait…BUT, to wait on HIM….to stay put in prayer for the outcome of a great victory… OURS OR HIS!!! His victory is our victory!!!

We think our waiting is the “perfect” time.

God says, “No, not yet…or He says, “No, final, but lovingly” and we don’t understand.

We wait for God’s timing to be perfect…it always is…how come we don’t get it!!! How come we try to push our waiting to a minimal nil!!! We have a thousand excuses for not waiting.

Waiting….there are many verses in the Bible ask us to wait of which some are:

Ps. 40:1 .. I waited for the Lord on high, I waited and he heard my cry.
Ps. 37:7 .. Stay quiet before Yahweh and wait longingly for Him.
Is. 40:31 .. They that wait upon the Lord will renew their strength…and then there is

Good things come to those that wait (This is an old proverb, but many times heard over and over)

Our human self tells us, it is hard to wait, don’t wait, don’t give ample time----just forge ahead---when we do that we get into trouble.

Our spiritual self understands the concept of waiting---because we have heard it before, over and over again, in spiritual talks, in prayers, in bible stories, in our communications with others, in His prophecy spoken by ministers of word gifts.

Waiting is a BIG word….God honors us and blesses us when we wait….on Him, for Him, in Him… Yes, wait in Him, for He gives us the strength to wait---for things to come, even if we don’t understand the why, not now!!!

So if we get caught up in the W A I T !!!, Waiting Anxiously In Time….Ask and seek the Lord with all your heart and ask Him to turn your wait into a peaceful time until He reveals His plan for you.