Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sal's Message September 27

Some of us may have wanted to stay home, but many showed even with the weather not so nice. It was good to see so many of our sisters and brothers together in His Name. We started with pray and received. a word of prophecy, { Tonight My Children Come To My Cross For A Healing. }--at the end of the evening many of us did so. If not we went home and prayed in front of our own cross.-- The readings were many:--Micah Ch. 6. ver. 6-8---Psalms 27---Colossians Ch. 4. ver. 2-6---and then we had a Blessing of Children: Psalms- 127-ver. 3-5--Psalms 33-ver.11--Psalms 22-ver. 30-31--and--Psalms 128. ver. 3-4. If you have the time this week please reread the bibles verses. We sang many songs, and had deep prayerss for all our needs. The evening was a sharing evening on the Bible and how certain things touch us. Sharing was very strong, and there was a lot of laughter also. Our Lord is so great, We Love Him So Much, and coming together each week builds our Faith and Love In Him. Thank You Father for this Prayer Group. We will meet next Monday on Oct. 4, at 7:30 p.m. and just a reminder the following week is Columbus day weekend so we will not meet on Oct. 11, because of the Holiday. I will send out another reminder. Love in Christ, Sal

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sal's Message September 20

Take a small group of people, place them in a Chapel, start with prayer, and then song, and soon you will feel the Holy Spirit touching you and surrounding you in this Holy Place. Yes, Yes, Yes, it is great to gather in His Holy Name, coming together after a busy day at work or home. Thanks Lord for this Prayer Group. We offered many up in prayer tonight, and we received a word, {{ My Children, My Word Will Guard You and Direct You, So Listen Carefully.}}--The Readings were--Isaiah Ch 41-ver. 8 -and-Psalms Ch. 4. We had two teaching tonight. Anne shared how the Lord spoke to her and her husband this week through a magazine called Living Faith. They are in a limbo state with trying to buy and sell their home. The Lord did not give them the answers but more importantly He let them know that He knows about their concerns and is in the midst of everything. The Lord speaks to us in many many ways. The other teaching was about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, read Luke: Ch.11-ver.9-13 or Matthew Ch. 7-ver. 7-11 both of these passages tell us to keep on asking, seeking, and knocking day in and day out, seven days a week, fifty-two weeks a year, so we may keep receiving what we are in need of. Remember the Holy Spirit is a gift from God bestowed upon us by His Grace. So start studying and finding out all you can about Him. Until next Monday, please bring you Bibles and sharing for this is the last Monday of the month. Until them God Bless. Sal

Sal's Message September 13, 2010

The night began with a downpour of rain which did not stop many of us from attending our prayer group. Praise the Lord. As we prayed for the Lord to touch our hearts, He did just that. You could feel His presence. A word of prophecy was given, {{ My Children, My Children, Come To Me With Open Arms, And Allow Me To Heal You. }}--the readings were:--1 John Ch. 2-ver. 24-29--and--Psalms 112. Another word was received: {{ My Child I Hear Your Cry And I Hold You Close To My Heart. }} Mary Ann did the teaching on Love Your Life, about how important we are and that we have a purpose, " You are a Person of Destiny" so let us not say " I Cannot but say I Will. Let us go out and show others the Jesus in us. Yes we can. We shared and ended in peaceful prayer. Until next Monday have a blessed week. Thank you Anne for leading our group while Janice and I were away, and again thank you Mary Ann, yes you are a gift to this prayer group, as well as each of us, because we are each growing deeper in a relationship with our Lord. Praise God. Sal