Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sal's Message

Again the lights did not work in the chapel, but that did not stop us, we headed to the music room and began to worship there. Obstacle's are not part of our plan tonight. Maryann play and we sang and praise and aloud the Lord to touch our hearts again tonight. A word was given" I am here, you have call of Me, now rest in my arms". Some readings were: Isaiah 40 Ver:28--31----I Corinthians Ver:4--9----Isaiah 30----Isaiah 41-Ver:9-10----.The teaching was on Trusting God for the Impossible. We heard that "There is no pit so deep, that God's love is not deeper still." Mary's yes to Christ, and our yes will help us through the impossible things. Just know that the Lord who does the impossible will do great things for you----because he loves you. The pray time tonight was so very powerful and also our sharing, we ended with the love of Christ in our heart, and headed home to share this with our family and friends this week. Until next Monday evening Love is Christ, and God Bless. Sal

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A Word from Sal

With the heat outside and the ten of us in the chapel praising the Lord, He allow us to have the Air Condition on, but the lights where not working so we had to shorten the pray meeting tonight. That did not stop us from feeling the present of our Lord, we welcome Him in, in song, and He gave us two readings, Psalms 95---and John 15-Ver1-to 17, Sal"s teaching was on How do you see Him? How do you see Jesus, would you recognize Him, if He came to your church or neighborhood today. When we let God define himself, a whole new world opens before us. So this week look around you just may see Jesus standing next to you. Until next week, also let us keep Debbie and Bruce in your prays, Debbie lost her father today. God Bless and keep cool, Sal

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sal Shares The Light

Praise God's Love, yes that's right tonight be started in the dark, and found the light and Love of God, and He brighten the evening with song,and bible verses and sharing. The present of the Lord surround us and He ask us to give our hands to Him and hold on for there would be no fear with Him. Some of the readings our:Matthew .6 ver 25----Psalms 46---and 17----Deuteronomy 37. Janice did the teaching tonight, she share on God's Love, making us aware of HIs everlasting love for each of us. She ask us a question: How do you see Jesus in your life? So think about it, we did. Some of the Ver.'s she use was: Psalms 41 ver 11--- John 3 ver. 16----John 5--Ver. 20-25 and 1John 2----Ver 5. We close in a loving circle of Sisters and Brothers and felt the power of Lord in our present. So until next Monday may the Lord bless each of you this week, and look for God's love around you. God Bless Sal

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Shawl Ministry Prayer

Phyllis is a member of the Prayer Shawl Ministry. This is her prayer.

Dear Lord,

Bless my hands as I sit and Crochet, Knit, or Sew this Shawl. My every stitch is my prayer to you God for the person who receives this shawl.

May she/he feel a sense of warmth, peace and love as they wear it. Whatever the reason may they know you are with them and will help to keep them strong. May all their sorrows and pain be swept away and only joy prevail.

May they know God is with them to celebrate their joys and ease their sorrows and pain.

Thank you for this gift you have given me. Thank you for showing me a way to use this gift for others. Amen

Thursday, July 06, 2006

WHEN JESUS COMES by Phyllis June 26, 2006

If you were with us at the prayer meeting last week, you will remember us talking about having a guest speaker sometime. During the night I mentioned "when Jesus calls" was going through my head. I put my foot in my mouth and said any of us can be a guest speaker. Where as Sal asked if I would like to do the teaching next week. I thought about it for about 30 seconds and said "yes. "

I went home. On Tuesday I picked up the Bible and figured this will be easy. Nothing came to me. Wednesday, read a little more. Thursday, the same routine. Friday my mind was still a blank. In the evening I was sitting on the front porch. Sal called. "Can you do the teaching? If not, I can do it. Would you like to wait another week? " he asked. I said "No, I'll do it."
Thinking, "I have it!" I went to my book, Stories for the Heart. I found the article "My Heart, Christ's Home." Aha, I'll just read this. This should satisfy. So I read the story. NO. This is not what Jesus wanted. The concept was right but it wasn't my heart. Jesus wanted to come into my heart, as he does to each one of us.

Sal called again Saturday. Are you sure you want to do this. We're having guests so you'll have to speak loud. "Sal, I'll do it." So here goes - some thoughts taken from the text.

When Jesus comes to call, will I know Him? recognize Him? Invite Him in?


I open the door - It's Jesus. I let him in, feeling uncomfortable not knowing if I am worthy to have Him as a guest. We enter the library. My library is a bookshelf on the back of my bed, since I don't read many books. There's the morning paper. I have to read the news, the obituary, the funnies and do all my crossword puzzles. Where's my Bible? Did I pick it up today? Did I remember to say my prayers? Maybe yes, maybe no - more often times no.

Boy, am I embarrassed. Put away the newspaper and greet God first. I'll be glad when I do. He will help me get a better start to the day.

From the Library we go to the kitchen - the room of aromas and something on the stove. My impatience and the coffee are both boiling over today. My favorite dishes are my family - husband Dom, sons Dominick and Vincent, daughters Marie and Michele and of course the grandchildren. Atlantic City is a favotie side dish. He sits with me a while and tells me first to please God and the food will satisfy you. There He gave me a taste of doing Dod's will. It alone satisfied.

Next the living room. It's my home - a couch, 2 chairs, 3 cats, tv. Really the living room. Well I am thrilled to have God here. Shut off the tv - open up the Bible and spend some time with God. After all, He is my guest. I cannot make Him feel unwanted. I must make more time for Him!

The craft room! Right now I am working on a pair of booties for my grandchild. Is this what you do for people He asked? "Sure" I said. "Alright, give Me your hands, I know you are unskilled, but through the Holy Spirit I will control your hands and heart." He will work through you. The more I relax and trust in the Lord, the more He can do in my life.

Next, I'm in the car on the way to Atlantic City. I run from machine to machine, putting the change - dollars in. I hit! I can play some more! "Oh Dom, Do you have any more money?" Lord, you certainly didn't want to come with me here. I left Jesus at home and found greed. Lord I know I can't have a good time without you - so please come with me wherever I go.

Next, the closet. Boy, what things are in there. Do I let Him see? We open the door together. He tells me, "Throw out the impatience, smugness, greed, envy, pity of my heart and I will show you how to clean up your thoughts and deeds. I will give you courage, strength, patience, understanding and love. I will satisfy all your needs and wants.

Next - my sanctuary - my backyard and front porch. It is a beautiful place, with birds singing, flowers blooming, green trees, and a garden with fruits and vegetables. God has given me these so I may fully enjoy what he has to offer. We sit and He shows me all the wondrous things He has made for me and given to me in this life. He shows me how my parents influenced me - how I was worthy of a great husband and a beautiful family, plus many, many friends.

These Lord are my riches in life. Jesus is the center. We are all part of his garden and he tends to each one of us in our own public and private lives. He knows who I am, whom I'm with, where I am and every thought and desire. He loves me!

He is not my guest but my Host. Hehas the key to my heart. The Life of the Spirit lives in me!

Go from room to room in your heart and you will find Jesus too!