Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sal's Message

Our Lord is so good. We could not get into the choir room so we went to the chapel and for the 45 minutes that we gathered together, we knew our Father was with us. Tonight we prayed and sang a few songs and enjoyed the presence of four new loving Christians, Jim and Rena, and Anne and her sister, Alice. The Spirit moved. You never know how He going to touch you. Anne K. shared on the Gift of Healing which was so needed tonight. There were many there who needed prayer and healing. Prayer was so powerful tonight. We saw a couple resting in the Spirit, and we saw the love ofJesus shared by our prayer group sisters and brothers. Thank you Lord for giving us this special short time together, but any time with ourLord is special. Wed. evening there is a Healing Mass at St. Ann's Church at 7:30p.m. It is time for us to come together and allow the Holy Spirit to heal us. I hope we can make it, I myself am not sure if Iwill be there but I am going to try. Monday we will meet in the Chapel. I found that we are able to finish in time before the bible study begins in the church. So please park in front and come through the church. Oneof the doors will be open early. May the LordBless and Keep you safe this week. Sal

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Sal's Message October 1

In the chapel or in the choir room, when we come together in the name of Jesus, the power of the Lord is always with us. In the 45 minutes that we sang, prayed, and offered up our prayers, we could feel the strength of Our Lord. The love in the choir room was strong. This love together with our love for Jesus filled each of us before we left to go either home or into the church for Father Dan's bible study. The reading tonight came from Psalms 1--Psalms 11---Psalms 97--and Revelation Ch. 3--. For the next five weeks we will meet at 7:30 p.m. in the choir room for45 minutes. Please try to come on time. There is a healing mass this Friday at Saint Catherine Church, 130 Bray Ave., Middletown. Praise andWorship starts at 7:00p.m.-Father Jeff Kegley-Celebrant of the Mass. May each of you have a blessed week. Sal