Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Anne's message

Even though it's summer and people are on vacation, including Jan and Sal, we continue to gather each Monday evening to give praise and thanks to the Lord. We were a group of nine last night. Mary Ann was there with her guitar which certainly helps keep us on key and makes us sound much better. John 17 vs 1-13 was read in which Christ prays for Himself and for his disciples that they may have the fullness of his joy. We did feel this joy last night. Our friends, acquaintences, and the world were lifted in prayer. Phyllis gave a wonderful teaching on forgiveness. It seems that this is something the Lord wants us to work on and we all need to look into our own hearts. Manny also shared briefly on Matthew 16 vs. 11-20. Manny and Evelyn are new to our group and we welcome them. I invited everyone to go to onecameback.blogspot.com. a new site for prayer requests started by my daughter. If you look to the right on this blog you will see a link to it which you can click on. There are many prayers needed. I am very thankful for the faithfulness and openess to the spirit of our group. God bless us all! Anne

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mary Ann's Message

I am sending this week's synopsis of our meeting in the absence of Sal and Jan who are traveling to Florida and cruising. They will be back in 10 days. Please keep them in prayer for a safe trip and refreshing one too.

Sal gave a word from the Lord: "You are my dear and faithful servants. Remain strong in me and I will never fail you". In our quiet time, we really felt the presence of the Lord at chapel. It is such a peaceful feeling to just be there.

The readings were:
Isaiah 40: 3-11- Comforting God's People
Jeremiah 31:1-14 - Gods' love is Everlasting, Always There
Colossians 1:9-14 Living Life Worthy in the Lord
1 Corinthians 13: 1-9 The Love We Must Have for Others

The teaching was on Forgiveness, a second week on forgiveness, so the Lord wants us to listen up and pay attention.

The story was of a man in wooded area thinking about all the things that made him feel hurt, anxious, angry, people who did him wrong, maybe not knowing they did that to him, all of the bad feelings that sometimes linger within the soul, harboring feelings for people who did things to him that he did not think were right nor fair.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sal,s Message Aug. 13

We started with prayer, praise and song, and as we sang the Lord started to touch each of us. We felt his presence and found peace in the Chapel. The readings were: James Ch.1-Ver. 19--27---Mark Ch. 11-Ver.22---Ephesians Ch. 4--Ver.14. The teaching was on Wisdom from EphesiansCh.4- Ver. 18-25, and how the Lord helps us use the wisdom of forgiveness to change our attitude and put on our new self. We are to be guided by His way, and when we go out and forgive our friends or family members or whoever, we then feel the presence and love of our Lord in doing so. If you were there tonight you felt the love of God surround each of us. Thank You Lord, for another peaceful and beautiful evening with you. Until next monday have a blessed and safe week. Love inChrist Sal

Sal,s Message Aug 6

Let the Lord lead and place your trust in Him and all will go well. Yes tonight we sang, praised and prayed and the readings I felt were strong and prayer time was very powerful. The readings are: Matthew Ch.6-Ver.19-21---Ephesians Ch. 1- Ver. 11-14---Philippians Ch. 2-Ver.6---also a sharing on prayer by Manny telling us how important it is to pray daily and often during the day. The teaching was on God's Promise in The Cross, and we were reminded of why God gave His only Son for our sins. Read John Ch.3-Ver.16- "For God So Loved The World That He Gave His One and Only Son, That Whoever Believes In Him Shall Not Perish ButHave Eternal Life. So this week take a good look at the Cross, and remember God's Promise. Until next Monday at 7:30 p.m. may you all have a blessed week. Sal

Sal's Message July 30

With the Joy of the Lord in our hearts we began with prayer and received a word from our Lord,"My children, remain open to my word, for tonight your healing begins." And I belive that His words are true. We sang and praised the Lord and received an inner healing. The bible ver. are: Isaiah Ch. 30----John ch.4-ver 31-36----Philippians ch. 4-ver.4---andProverb ch. 8 ver.4-9. The teaching was on the comming of Christ. If you read Revelation in the bible you can learn more about it. We were joined by a lovely couple, Manny & Evelyn, tonight. They are filled with the Holy Spirit. We will keep them it our prayers that they may join us again. We ended in prayer leaving with the love of the Lord with us. Until next Monday may the Lord bless and keep each of you safe this week. Love inChrist Sal

Sal's Message July 23

Lord, Thank you for bringing our prayer group together last night. As I sat and watched my sisters and brothers praise the Lord the love of Christ shinning from them was breathtaking!You are so good Lord! Fellowship was great. The reading were: Psalms 10 ver. 2--3, Psalms121---Ephesians Ch. 3- ver. 1--13, and Matthew 10,ver. 37-42. The teaching was on the power of prayer and how we all belong together as children of God. We want to live our life as His beloved child. And that we are doing. We want to be just like Jesus. We thank Debbie and Bruce for a great sat afternoon at there home. We left knowing the Lord is with us always. Looking forward to fellowship next monday. God Bless, Sal

Sal's Message July 16

Take a group of loving Christians and place them in a small chapel and allow the Lord to touch them, and see what happens. Yes how powerful theLord can be! We sang, praised the Lord and as always left tonight with the Love of Jesus. The readings are:1 John 2 Ch.1-Ver.5-10---Psalms 33-Ver.20-22----Isaiah Ch. 12. The teaching came from Mark 14: 32-36--. We began to understand God's suffering in the garden, and learned that God was never more human than at that hour. So if and when we are suffering let's take a walk in the garden of Gethsemane and know that God's greatest gift was his suffering for us. Until next Monday evening or if before that at Debbie and Bruce house this Sat. at 1:30p.m. may the Lord bless and keep each of you safe. Sal

Sal's Message July 9

Our God is so good. How good? So good. Tonight we gathered after our holiday off. It was so good to be together again. We started very quietly and then the Lord touched us with the readings and music. The praise became very powerful. Lord you are so good to us. With the gifts you give us and how you bring everything together we know that it's you. The readings are and please try and read them, Psalms 91----Psalms 46---andPsalms 9-ver. 1--21. Mary Ann's teaching finished the evening and the song and words on Grace were so powerful! We left filled with the Love ofJesus and we look forward to next week. Thank You Lord for the gift of You tonight. God Bless Sal