Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sal's Message April 19

With open hearts we came together last night to pray, praise, and worship our Lord. We thanked Him for getting us here to the chapel and allowing us to be open to our Lord. A word was given [ You are my loving and faithful children continue to focus on Me.]---The reading came from --Isaiah Ch. 60--John Ch.7-ver.37-39--and Hosea Ch. 6- ver. 1-3. The teaching was on The Three Faces of a Disciple- From Mark 12.ver. 28-31. We heard to keep our faith in Christ simple. His yoke is easy and His burden is light. He gives us three powerful principles to be world-changers: Love the Lord your God, love you neighbor, and love yourself. We finished in joyful prayer. Next Monday please bring your bibles. We will share on anything that may have touched you in the bible this week. Until then have a blessed week. Sal

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sal's Message April 12

Tonight we had a special visit from Rich 1. Wwe all were happy to see him. He was filled with the joy of the Lord and we all felt it. Mary Ann came with her guitar and also Rich. Their music was powerful and it helped all of us come into the presence of our Lord. A word was given {My children listen closely to My words for you will draw healing from My words.}---The readings were--Psalms 130--Romans Ch. 8---1 John Ch. 3 ver.1-3---another word was given,{ The Lord is saying it is good for us to be here.}----and a reading from Matthew Ch. 6. ver. 19-21. We sang and sang and allowed the Lord to touch our hearts and fill the chapel with His love. The teaching was on Luke ch.24--ver. 12. What we must do is experience and enjoy this Easter season and look at the wonder and awe of the truths we hold about our God. There is a God. God became part of the human family. Christ died, rose, ascended. Christ sends his Sprit upon us. We believe. We Love. We Trust. Let us go this week and thank the Lord for all He is doing for each of us. Until next week, Praise The Lord. Sal