Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sal's Message

The night was cold and the chapel was chilly but we all came with a warm heart and the love of Jesus, so keeping our coats on we sang and praised the Lord and warmed ourselves up. The power of prayer again was so very strong. There was a reading from Ephesians Ch. 1--Ver. 3--14. A word was given, "We have not chosen Him, He has chosen us and we are to go out and be fruitful. " Bill did the teaching and his gift of speaking and sharing is so powerful. He shared about real life, that bad things happen and that we should count our blessings and with God's help when the bad stuff comes we will know how to handle it. There was so much more in his teaching hard to share. We ended in joyful prayer and went to our warn homes and thanked the Lord for bringing us together again. Until next Monday, may the Lord bless you and keep you safe this week. God bless, Sal

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Our 3rd Organizational Meeting

Our 3rd organizational meeting began at 7:30 with prayers of praise, thanksgiving and petition. Janice and Sal, Mary Ann, Phyllis, Rich, Lindy, Bill, Geri and myself were present

We reviewed each aspect of our prayer meeting using last years minutes as our guide for discussion.

Prayer meetings are usually starting close to 7:30. This is improvement.

Since last year, we have made a smaller circle of chairs. We are able to hear better and have a better feeling of intimacy.

Sal has been opening with prayer. All are welcome to add to this prayer. This is followed by a time of silence. We as a group have become more comfortable with silence.

Mary Ann is now the music ministry since Rich Ruggeri has found a prayer group closer to his home. Mary Ann requested that we ask her before the prayer meeting if we want a particular song. This way she is able to play it at a time when it will fit in with the flow of the music and the meeting. When Mary Ann is not present to play for us it was decided we would prefer to sing acappello rather than with a tape because it feels more natural.

We discussed structure of our meeting versus spontaneity and we realize we need a balance, which we strive for.

We feel progress is being made with keepping intercessory prayer from becomming too long or "story time."

Sal was thanked for doing so many teachings. Sal expressed the hope that more of us would volunteer more often to teach since it does become a burden sometimes for him. Sal also believes it is good for us to do teachings and also we do enjoy listening to different members give their teachings. Bill volunteered to speak at the next meeting.

We will continue to pray for individuals at the end of our prayer meeting but if anyone needs to leave early or needs prayer earlier, we will happily pray for anyone at any time.

Mary Ann brought up the possibility of joining occasionally with another local prayer group. We could go to their meeting one time and they could come to ours another time.

I personally believe that these organization meetings are very important. This is an opportunity for us to discuss together whatever concerns we have about our group. The consensus tonight was that we are on track. Praise God!


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sal's Message

We opened in prayer and allowed the Holy Spirit to touch each of us tonight. Tape music was used and we sang and enjoyed the different songs and felt His presents among us. A word was given, "My children tonight I will light the way for each of you." We were told to listen from our heart, our soul, and our mind. The reading came from: 2 Corinthians Ch.12-Ver.7 ------Colossians Ch. 1 Ver.24---29. The teaching was How Significant Are You? We discovered the significance that has been ours all along as a child of the King. We must be aware of the power of prayer, realizing that our prayer, our life, can make a difference. Read Mark 11, Ver 22--25 and you know how important prayer is, and how powerful and significant you can get. God Bless, Sal

Sal's Message

How good if felt to come together after the Holidays. Praying, sharing and singing with our Sisters and Brothers tonight and lifting our prayers to the Lord was great. The presence of Our Lord was there when we remained open and allowed Him to touch us. The readings were: 2 Samuel 2---Luke Ch. 7- Ver. 37--45---John Ch.5--Ver. 19--30. The teaching was on Grace and how grace is an invitation to be "at home" with the Father. If we train our eyes to see, we will see Grace in many aspects of our life. God is with us in everything, so keep these words by your side, "Everything I have is Yours." Linger on those words. Live with them. Your Father is saying them to YOU. We will meet next Monday at 7:30 p.m. Until then may Grace be with you this week. God Bless, Sal