Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sal's Message

Thank you Father for the joy you bring to us each week as we gather in your Name. You give us a special peace that comes over us at the prayer meeting and we love youfor that. Tonight was as special as every monday has been. A word was given " I Am the Living God, I will walk among you," ----- and " Remain strong in Me for I will be your strength." The reading where: John 15 ver. 1-17---- John 17 ver.1-12--and Psalms 29. The teaching was on ( Eagles Wings ), God reveals himself through the Scripture. We are reminded that " God does not always immediately take us out of our wilderness experience, but He always brings us through". He said, " I will carry you on eagles' wings out of impossible situations, through the wilderness, and into the fullness of My purpose for your life." We closed in prayer, a beautiful evening. There will be no Prayer Meeting Next Monday March 24, but we will be back March. 31, at 7:30 p.m. Have a blessed Easter and God Bless, Love in Christ. Sal and Janice

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Looking at Ourselves

Last night for the 4th year the prayer group met at my house to look at ourselves as a group to see how we are doing and decide what if any changes we should make. Are we on track doing what the Lord wants us to do? Sal, Janice, Bill, Gerri, Mary Ann, Lindy and I were present.

Prayer Meeting is at 7:30. If we begin prayer time by 7:40 which we often do, that is fine. We need a few minutes to visit. We average 10 people at our meeting now. So we are pleased with that.

Sal begins with a spontaneous opening prayer which we are happy with. It would be good if others would add to this yet we don't want to make this prayer too long. This opening prayer is followed by a short time of silence which we agreed was good. It helps to settle us.

When Mary Ann plays her guitar she chooses the music so she can achieve the proper flow. If someone would like a specific song played they can ask Mary Ann before the meeting if she would play it. When Mary Ann is not playing we have been using song sheets which have songs which are easy to sing. Then anyone can suggest a song. During this part of the prayer meeting we should be very focused on the Lord. This is when the spirit speaks to us. It's a time to avoid any chatter or distraction. We are as in the words of a song on HOLY GROUND.

During prayers of petition it is often difficult to hear what a person is saying. We agreed our job is to pray for these needs whether we hear everything or not. The person lifting up intentions should not use this time for a lot of detail.

Sal has taken on responsibility for teachings and we appreciate this. He has encouraged others to do teachings and most people have and we think that's great and should continue. Immediately following the teaching is a good time to share with everyone.

At the end of the meeting we lay hands on and pray for anyone who wishes to be prayed with

Sal mentioned ABC guidelines for a prayer meeting - Audible, Brief and Christ Centered.

We thank the Lord for His Blessings.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

To all my Sisters and Brothers in Christ, We have received a special gift from our Lord, and that is the fellowship we have each week. The love of Jesus surrounded us tonight as it always does and you could feel His Peace touch you. The joy from Mary Ann's music filled the chapel and our prayers stormed the heavens. The reading were: Isaiah Ch.2, ver.2-5---Psalms 22---and Psalms 46. The teaching was on " What to do when you feel like giving up". In a word, God calls us to persevere. Take action in life. Don't wait for life to happen. Go out there and make things happen, even at our age. The Lord is good, so let us never fail Him. Let us be His Disciples. Until we meet next Monday at 7:30 p.m. in the chapel, have a blessed week, and don't forget Anne's meeting tomorrow night at her house to talk about our prayer group. GOD BLESS, Sal

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Sal's Message

The Lord is Good. As we gathered tonight in His Blessed and Holy Name, Jesus showed His love for each of us in a gentle kind of way. You may have felt His presence, or heard a word from the readings given, or just relaxed in the Lord. Whatever way we knew He was there. The reading are: John 14ver. 1-14----Isaiah 42--ver. 1-9,----and Psalms 33. The teaching was given by Manny who spoke on the Holy Spirit. He shared that the Spirit is a person with us, and without Him we can do nothing. He made the Holy Spirit come alive for us tonight. His witness was beautiful. Thank you Manny you are blessed by our Lord. We will meet next Monday at 7:30 p.m. in the chapel and we will have our 4th annual meeting on Tuesday, March 11 at 7:15 p.m. at Anne's house. Please let Anne or myself know if you can attend. Thank You. Love in Christ, Sal