Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sal's Message December 6, 2010

As we gathered in the Chapel for the last time this year, we could feel the chill in the air from the cold out side, but that did not stop us from Praising our Lord and opening our hearts to Him. As we did it warmed up a little. ""Very Little""- The joy did not stop because of the cold, the reading were: Proverb Ch.3--Psalms from different ver.#145-59-119-and-30--Revelation Ch. 2 ver. 3-7 and Philippians, Ch. 1-ver.3-11. The word JOY came up and Geri said Joy- "Jesus over You". We will try to remember this. The music was beautiful as Mary Ann played, and it really made us feel the presence of oure Lord. The teaching was on gifts with hidden price tags. We as believers can receive the wrong gifts from false teaching, but if we trust in Jesus we can receive the gift of eternal life. We also shared on how God wants us to paint our life with JOY, as we heard earlier. We ended in sharing and deep prayer and looking forward to next Monday as we gather for a Christmas Prayer Meeting with song and sharing and laughter at our home. Hope you all can make it. Until then at 7:30 p.m God Bless Sal

Sal's Message Dec 6, 2010

Tonight was a very cold evening. While the wind was really blowing and some snow flakes were in the air we gathered in His Name. We shared with each other and then opened with prayer. A word of prophecy was given, {{ TAKE THIS TIME TONIGHT MY CHILD AND ALLOW MY PRESENCE TO TOUCH YOUR HEART.}}--We did just that. The readings were: Psalms-92--and Psalms 23--. The teaching was --Do not grow weary in doing good, and you shine as lights in the world. So " let your light so shine before men, that they see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven." So please remember that even the smallest light can make a difference in the Darkened night. So no matter who your boss is you are really working for God. So whatever we do we do it in Jesus Name. We closed in joyful prayer, looking forward to next week. Until next Monday. God Bless Sal

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Sal's Message Nov 22

Merciful Savior Prayer Group, Yes we are proud to be a member. Aswe gathered in Jesus Name, the joy of The Lord came upon us. We sang and praised the Lord and allowed Him into our hearts. A word of Prophecy was given-{ Do Not Turn Away From Me, I Am Your Neighbor, I Am The Face In The Streets, I Am Around You.}-The readings came from: Psalms 54--Psalms34--Psalms 106--and--2 Peter ch. 1- ver. 3-9. Phyllis gave the teaching on Gifts. She shared so many interesting things. She said that we have each been given different gifts and the gifts are for you own enjoyment and also to make life good for others. Spiritual gifts ,all different, are to be given out and shared with others. Phyllis did a get job. She gave each of us a bag of simple gifts and explain what each one meant. We ended in prayer and left with the joy of Jesus in us. Next week there will NOT be a prayer meeting, but will return on Dec. 6. May each of you have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. God Bless Sal

Sal's Message Nov 15, 2010

I would like to thank Anne K. for leading the prayer group tonight. I really was not up to it. As we gathered in His Blessed Name, we could feel the strength of Jesus starting to grow stronger in the Chapel. As prayer began and we all started to get into deep prayer, a word was given, {{ Now Is The Time My Children To Open Your Hearts And Minds And Allow Me To Work With You.}}-Guess what that is what happened tonight. We opened our hearts and minds and He began to work in us. Another word was given { Keep On Praying Even When You Are Not Up To It. }--The readings were:-Psalms 36-ver. 5-9--and--Proverb Ch. 3, which was confirmed by Mary Ann. Take some time to read them this week. The teaching was given by Manney on Faith. He shared that Faith is a gift from God. We must believe in Jesus, and Faith is the beginning of Eternal Life. He shared of Peter's faith, and Mary's and many others. We must move forward, remember Christ is in us, and in front of us. We ended in singing The Lords Prayer and joyfully ended the evening. Next week we will meet at 7:30 p.m. for another evening of Praise and Worship. Please make a note that Nov. 29, we will NOT have a prayer meeting. Until next week. God Bless Sal

Sal's Message Nov1

How much do you love Jesus? Well, if you came to the Prayer Meeting tonight, you would have seen how the Love of Jesus was surrounding us in the Chapel. Through song and Praise we could feel His mighty presence. Thank you Lord for being so powerful tonight. A word was given-{{ Be Still And Know I Am Here And I Will Hear Your Cry.}}--The readings came from: Psalms 40--and--1 John Ch. 1-ver. 5-10. The teaching was on watching the pebbles in the road. As we walk with Jesus we watch for the big problems, but we must not be surprised with the little ones. Little sins can add up to big troubles. Also shared on having a Merry Heart. How do you get one? By thinking and acting positive and declaring that true joy begins deep inside. So if your heart is spiritually filled it will show on your face. Until next Monday at 7:30 p.m.-we will have a teaching given by Manney, so please try a come to support him. Have a blessed week. Love in Christ Sal

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Sal's Message October 25, 2010

To My Sisters and Brothers in Christ, Sorry this e-mail is late, but we just return from our trip Upstate New York. I could not get on line Monday evening after the Prayer Meeting. It was a night of sharing and singing for us, we enjoyed the evening and we knew that the Lord was with us. A word was given--{{ My Children You Have Many Questions tonight, Come To The Foot Of My Cross And Allow Me To Answer Them.]] The readings were: Psalms 27--Luke Ch. 22 and Micah Ch. 6. Next Monday we will meet at the Chapel at 7:30 p.m. please try to come and allow the Lord to speak to you. Until then God Bless. Sal

Sal's Message October 18, 2010

Coming together each week we learn to grow deeper in our walk with our Lord. Yes, slowly we grow but we learn how much He loves each of us, when we pray, praise and worship our Lord together. And this week was no different, a word of prophecy was given, {{ MY CHILDREN I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU OR FORSAKE YOU, I WILL ALWAYS BE BY YOUR SIDE. }}---The readings were: Psalms 28--Psalms 4--John Ch.17. ver. 20-24. Please try to read them again. Another word was given, {{ DO NOT HOLD BACK MY CHILD OPEN UP YOUR HEART AND LET ME IN }}. The teaching was on Faith as a Channel. We must be plugged into the power source, which is our Lord Jesus Christ. Andhow do we stay plugged in? We do that through a personal relationship with God--which requires time. The victory is in God. So please continue to pray and fellowship and attend church and prayer groups, and you will grow closer to oure Lord. Remember you cannot do it alone. Until next Monday evening which is the end of the month, please bring your Bibles and sharing for another evening of fellowship and love for our Lord. God Bless Sal

Sal's Message - October 4, 2010

" My Children, As I Walk Among You Tonight I Will Anoint You With My Love."
Yes, and that is what are Lord did as we gather in His Blessed Name. The night was filled with rain outside, but in the Chapel we were warm in His Love, as we sang and Praise the Lord He spoke to us, through some bible ver. from: Jeremiah Ch. 29-ver. 11-14--and--John Ch. 7-ver. 37-39. The teaching was given by Anne Slate on Forgiveness, and if we don't forgive it can eat at us in many ways. Time now to forgive, pray and find inner peace and healing. Thank you Anne for a great teaching. Manny read a short story on 'Listen' it also was beautiful. If you need a copy we can give one to you.
Stay Safe and God Bless. Sal

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sal's Message September 27

Some of us may have wanted to stay home, but many showed even with the weather not so nice. It was good to see so many of our sisters and brothers together in His Name. We started with pray and received. a word of prophecy, { Tonight My Children Come To My Cross For A Healing. }--at the end of the evening many of us did so. If not we went home and prayed in front of our own cross.-- The readings were many:--Micah Ch. 6. ver. 6-8---Psalms 27---Colossians Ch. 4. ver. 2-6---and then we had a Blessing of Children: Psalms- 127-ver. 3-5--Psalms 33-ver.11--Psalms 22-ver. 30-31--and--Psalms 128. ver. 3-4. If you have the time this week please reread the bibles verses. We sang many songs, and had deep prayerss for all our needs. The evening was a sharing evening on the Bible and how certain things touch us. Sharing was very strong, and there was a lot of laughter also. Our Lord is so great, We Love Him So Much, and coming together each week builds our Faith and Love In Him. Thank You Father for this Prayer Group. We will meet next Monday on Oct. 4, at 7:30 p.m. and just a reminder the following week is Columbus day weekend so we will not meet on Oct. 11, because of the Holiday. I will send out another reminder. Love in Christ, Sal

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sal's Message September 20

Take a small group of people, place them in a Chapel, start with prayer, and then song, and soon you will feel the Holy Spirit touching you and surrounding you in this Holy Place. Yes, Yes, Yes, it is great to gather in His Holy Name, coming together after a busy day at work or home. Thanks Lord for this Prayer Group. We offered many up in prayer tonight, and we received a word, {{ My Children, My Word Will Guard You and Direct You, So Listen Carefully.}}--The Readings were--Isaiah Ch 41-ver. 8 -and-Psalms Ch. 4. We had two teaching tonight. Anne shared how the Lord spoke to her and her husband this week through a magazine called Living Faith. They are in a limbo state with trying to buy and sell their home. The Lord did not give them the answers but more importantly He let them know that He knows about their concerns and is in the midst of everything. The Lord speaks to us in many many ways. The other teaching was about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, read Luke: Ch.11-ver.9-13 or Matthew Ch. 7-ver. 7-11 both of these passages tell us to keep on asking, seeking, and knocking day in and day out, seven days a week, fifty-two weeks a year, so we may keep receiving what we are in need of. Remember the Holy Spirit is a gift from God bestowed upon us by His Grace. So start studying and finding out all you can about Him. Until next Monday, please bring you Bibles and sharing for this is the last Monday of the month. Until them God Bless. Sal

Sal's Message September 13, 2010

The night began with a downpour of rain which did not stop many of us from attending our prayer group. Praise the Lord. As we prayed for the Lord to touch our hearts, He did just that. You could feel His presence. A word of prophecy was given, {{ My Children, My Children, Come To Me With Open Arms, And Allow Me To Heal You. }}--the readings were:--1 John Ch. 2-ver. 24-29--and--Psalms 112. Another word was received: {{ My Child I Hear Your Cry And I Hold You Close To My Heart. }} Mary Ann did the teaching on Love Your Life, about how important we are and that we have a purpose, " You are a Person of Destiny" so let us not say " I Cannot but say I Will. Let us go out and show others the Jesus in us. Yes we can. We shared and ended in peaceful prayer. Until next Monday have a blessed week. Thank you Anne for leading our group while Janice and I were away, and again thank you Mary Ann, yes you are a gift to this prayer group, as well as each of us, because we are each growing deeper in a relationship with our Lord. Praise God. Sal

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sal's Message August 23

With great joy we gathered together in His Name tonight. Yes, Jesus is the Way and with our hearts filled with His love, we sang and praisee our Lord. A word of prophecy was given: { My Children listen closely to My words tonight for they will guide and direct you.}--also--Anne spoke about the Lord's goodness in each of us and the beauty around us. We must see this beauty and know that it is from Him. The readings were from Isaiah Ch. 55--and--Ch. 6-ver. 8. The teaching was on letting loose your praise, and sharing from Isaiah Ch.1- ver.17 -Learn to do good; seek justice, rebuke the oppressor; defend the fatherless, plead for the widow. God wants worshipers with hearts full of love for Him that will overflow in good deeds for others. We could feel His presence and we are grateful for this prayer group. May we continue to grow stronger in the Lord. Next week please bring your Bibles and any sharing you may have. Anne will be leading the prayer meeting . Also the following week is Labor Day weekend, so we will NOT meet on Sept. 6, but will return on Sept. 13, to praise and worship our Lord. Have a safe holiday weekend. Until then may the Lord bless each of you and keep you safe in His care. God bless, Sal

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


To My Sisters and Brothers in Christ, Lindy reminded me about the Prophecy given last night, I forgot to include: {{ My Children, I hear your cry, I sense your need. Remember I Am always here for you.}} Have a bless week. Sal

Sal's Message April 16

We started not in the chapel, but in the church, because there was work going on in the chapel. So setting up and then settling down took awhile. But that did not stop us from allowing the Lord to come into our hearts. He is just a Great God. Mary Ann brought her guitar and filled the church with her music. This opened us up to fill our hearts with the love of Jesus. The readings were:--Psalms- 17---Psalms - 18--ver. 3-4---Psalms 81--91--and--Matthew Ch.22-ver. 34-40. The teaching was given by Geri and she did a great job, allowing us to keep in mind what the Lord wants us to do, what road to walk on, being open to others, and finding happiness through it all, and much more. Thank you, Geri. You are a gift to God. Next week we will gather in His Name. Let us try to attend and allow the Lord to work in our life. God Bless. Sal

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sal's Message August 9, 2010

Thanks be to God for giving us this Prayer Group, and the Church and Chapel to pray, praise and worship Our Lord. Tonight as we sang and listened to what the Lord is asking us to do, through His words in each song and the one bible reading which was Psalms 71. I believe sometime this week we should stop and read this Psalm. A word was given--{ My Children You Have Heard Time Will Heal All Wombs, Well My Children Faith and Trust In Me, Will Heal All Wombs.}---The teaching was from John 4: ver. 35--and--John 15: ver.5. We must recognize when someone is ready to hear about Christ, and also remember He who abides in me and I in Him, bears much fruit, for without me you can do nothing. So let us place ourselves in Christ, read His word, and allow the Lord to work through us. Next week if Geri is still up to it, she will be doing the teaching. Please come to support her. Thank you and God Bless, Sal

Monday, August 02, 2010

Sal's Message August 2, 2010

My Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, Tonight as other nights began with Prayer, Praise, and Song. We asked Jesus to come into our hearts, and He did. We filled the chapel with Mary Ann's beautiful music and this allowed us to feel the presence of the Lord. We had two guests with us, Lindy's friend from Florida, Josephine, and Anne Slate's Nephew, Tom. We rec'd a word tonight, {{ My Children I have heard you cry, I have heard your call, I have heard your request, remain faithful servants and I will answer your request.}}--The reading were: Psalms 112--Romans Ch5-v. 1-5---and---John ch. 14. ver. 1-7...The teaching was on The Father's Love--and how God works all things for the good to those who love Him. We ended in peaceful prayer and went home filled with the love of Jesus. Until next Monday have a bless week. Love in Christ Sal

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sal's Message July 26, 2010

With a full moon outside and our hearts waiting to be filled with the Lord's presence, tonight we gathered with love for Our Savior and love for each other and our prayer family. The readings were: Psalms 54--Psalms 138--and John 17- ver. 1-5. The evening was beautiful as we sang along with Mary Ann's playing and listened to the Lord speak to us. Yes, He did. Tonight was sharing from the bible and our lives. We heard many interesting things, but most important we heard we are to Trust. Trust in our Lord and how He works in our life. Can we do that? Coming each week will help us learn how to keep our faith and trust in the Lord. We need this prayer group and each other. Until next Monday, have a blessed and safe week.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sal's Message

Praise the Lord in all things. Yes, tonight was just that. We gathered in His Holy Name and sang to the music by Mary Ann. Our voices filled the chapel and we felt the presence of our Lord. We received a word (( My Children take My hand tonight and let Me lead you and I will show you the way)))----The readings were: 2 Corinthians Ch. 4-ver.6--and--2 Thessalonians. Ch.1 ver.11-12. The rest of the evening after prayer was spent sharing how the Lord is working in our life and how this Prayer Group is a big part of it. This is where we get our strength and love and fellowship. Next week we will meet again to continue to share God's blessings. Have a safe and blessed week. Sal

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 21

Last night's prayer meeting was smaller in number but the Holy Spirit was with us as we prayed in adoration of our God and gave thanks to Him for all He has given us. Our singing could have been better but I'm sure God was smiling if not laughing with us! Please know that the needs of each of you and your families were remembered in our prayers. Through discussion and sharing we encouraged each other to read God's Word. If you feel God is not speaking to you, pray to the Holy Spirit for His Gifts and read your Bible. God does speak to us through His Word.

Next Monday evening we will again worship our Lord. Lindy will give a teaching on Forgiveness. Hope to see you. Anne

From Sal, June 14

What a beautiful evening we had with our Lord. We enjoyed the singing and felt the presence of Our Lord right by our side. The readings were:--Psalms 149--Acts. Ch. 19-Lamentation Ch. 3-ver.22--and--Matthew Ch. 15-ver. 29-31. We received a word {{ My children The journey ahead may be difficult but your arrival will bring you peace.}}The teaching was on Profitable Knowledge from Psalms 119-25-32. Some people devote more time to learning about the Bible than to discovering its message. Let's not get sidetracked by statistics but prayerfully study the content of the Bible to discover what God is saying to each of us. Manny shared on "Do not be Afraid", go in faith for God is at our side, always.. The next two meeting will be June 21 and June 28. Please bring your Bible for an evening of sharing. Please support our sister in Christ, Anne as she leads the prayer group. I will be on vacation June 21 and June 28. Our sister, Lindy will do the teaching on June 28. There will Not be a prayer meeting on July 5 because of the Holiday but will return on July 12. Have a blessed few weeks and enjoy the Holiday. God Bless Sal

From Sal, June 7

With the joy of the Lord with us tonight, we began sharing with some of our sisters and brothers in Christ. After opening prayers we began to feel The presence of Our Lord. Then the music started and while Mary Ann played and sang we felt Jesus was in the chapel. A word was given {{ My Children take what I offer to you tonight and share this with others.}}--The readings were: Psalms 121--and--Ephesians Ch. 14- Ver. 3 and on. The teaching was on the Word, a tape by Brendan Case. He said to go to John Ch.8 Ver. 31 and 32. We must get into His Word daily. We should also find one person to share with, getting into the bible everyday. Remember the Bible is the place where God wants to talk with us. LET'S TRY HARDER TO READ HIS WORD DAILY, EVEN FOR A FEW MINUTES. We share after the teaching and ended in prayer. There were many Sisters and Brothers present tonight it was great to see so many. Until next week, God Bless you and your family. Sal

Friday, May 28, 2010

From Sal, May 24, 2010

{{ My Children there is much love for Me in this cChapel. Please share this with others. }} This was the word we received tonight and that is what we did. We shared many different areas of our love of the Lord, and through prayer, praise and song, we came closer to our Lord. Yes, Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, with out Him we cannot do anything right. The readings were: Psalms 71-ver. 1`-9---John 14. ver. 1-4---and---2 Corinthians ver. 1-8. Let us each call on Him at any time. We found the sharing time tonight to be very important. Next week is the Holiday so there is NO PRAYER MEETING, we will return June 7, at 7:30 p.m. Have a safe Holiday weekend and please call on Jesus each day for strength. God Bless Sal

From Sal, May 17, 2010

Every Monday we gather together to praise and worship Our Lord. What a great feeling we get each week coming together in prayer and sharing with our Sisters and Brothers in Christ. Our Brother Bill came tonight and we were so happy to see him. We sang and praise Our Lord hearing Him speak to us. {{ My Children tonight you shall received Joy, Peace and Healing.}}--We also heard, [[[ I Hear Your Cry, I Hear Your Call, I Beckon You To My Cross.]]]--The teaching was on The Only Way To Be Happy, Read John Ch.7-ver.37---and---Thanks For The Thorns.---We much give thanks in every situation even when it is very difficult. Through our pain and tears, can we see the roses, or just the thorns? Through our 'thorns' teach me the glory of my cross, teach me the value of my 'thorns'. Show me that my tears have made my rainbow. Can we do this???--We ended in deep prayer. Please bring your Bibles and sharings for that is the last Monday of this month that we will be meeting. The following Monday is Memorial Day weekend and we will not have a prayer meeting but will return on June 7, 2010. Have a bless weekend. Sal

From Sal, May 19, 2010

We began in laughter and then allowed the Lord to enter our hearts. Mary Ann play and filled us with the love of Jesus through her music. We received a word--[ My Children take time this week to love one another].--The readings were: Psalms 146--Matthew ch.5-ver. 3- 12---Daniel Ch. 7.--We received another word.--{ My Child time and faith in Me will heal your wounds.}-The teaching was a 15 minute tape from Brendan Case on prayer. The bible verse he asks us to remember is John ch.15.ver4--" Remain in Me and I will remain in you." We should try and keep this in our minds this week. He shared how God is waiting for us to come to Him in prayer. He said prayer is not what you do, it is who you are with. Think about that. We ended in joyful prayer and will meet next Monday evening. Many of us tomorrow evening at 7:30 p.m. will attend the healing mass at St. Benedict, hope you can make it. Have a safe and bless week. Sal

From Sal, May 3, 2010

We started with prayer and beautiful music from our gifted Mary Ann. As we sang we felt the presence of Our Lord come into our hearts. A word was received [ My children only time and faith in Me will heal your wounds.]---The readings were: Psalms 47--Ephesians Ch. 2---&---Philppians- Ch.4--another word was given, { I have heard your loving cry, I have heard your need, Now trust in Me.}---The teaching was on juggling our souls, never knowing when we will have lost our chance forever. Let us trust the lord in what we do, and how we walk with Him. We must be faithful followers of our Lord and remain open to Him. Sometimes life may seen like we are juggling but thank you Father for being right at our side to guard each of us. Next week we at 7:30 p.m. the teaching with be a 15 minute C.D. from Brendan Case who was here in Feb. I feel we can all gain much from his teachings. Please bring your Bibles, paper and pen to take short notes. Also please keep May. 11, Tuesday evening open for a Healing Mass at our church. Until then have a safe and bless week. Sal

From Sal, April 26, 2010

With all the heavy rain tonight we thought that not too many would show up. Surprise, we had nine loving sisters and brothers show. It was great to have Manny and Evelyn and also Pat, back with us tonight. We prayed and we received a word, { My Home is your Home, My Table is your Table, Go feast on the fruits of My Spirit and Rejoice}--- The readings were:---Psalms 29--Act.Ch.2-ver17 and following---Proverb Ch. 3. We received another word--( I hear you call, I hear your cry, I Am here to heal.)--Tonight we shared on different parts of the bible and what touch each of us. Again the sharing was so strong and we became closer to each other because of it. We ended in prayer and will be back next Monday at 7:30 p.m. in the Chapel. Please mark you calendar for May 11, 2010- at 7:30 p.m there will be a Mass and Healing Service with Father John Campoli. He will lead us in prayer for healing in mind, body and spirit. Have a blessed week. Sal

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sal's Message April 19

With open hearts we came together last night to pray, praise, and worship our Lord. We thanked Him for getting us here to the chapel and allowing us to be open to our Lord. A word was given [ You are my loving and faithful children continue to focus on Me.]---The reading came from --Isaiah Ch. 60--John Ch.7-ver.37-39--and Hosea Ch. 6- ver. 1-3. The teaching was on The Three Faces of a Disciple- From Mark 12.ver. 28-31. We heard to keep our faith in Christ simple. His yoke is easy and His burden is light. He gives us three powerful principles to be world-changers: Love the Lord your God, love you neighbor, and love yourself. We finished in joyful prayer. Next Monday please bring your bibles. We will share on anything that may have touched you in the bible this week. Until then have a blessed week. Sal

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sal's Message April 12

Tonight we had a special visit from Rich 1. Wwe all were happy to see him. He was filled with the joy of the Lord and we all felt it. Mary Ann came with her guitar and also Rich. Their music was powerful and it helped all of us come into the presence of our Lord. A word was given {My children listen closely to My words for you will draw healing from My words.}---The readings were--Psalms 130--Romans Ch. 8---1 John Ch. 3 ver.1-3---another word was given,{ The Lord is saying it is good for us to be here.}----and a reading from Matthew Ch. 6. ver. 19-21. We sang and sang and allowed the Lord to touch our hearts and fill the chapel with His love. The teaching was on Luke ch.24--ver. 12. What we must do is experience and enjoy this Easter season and look at the wonder and awe of the truths we hold about our God. There is a God. God became part of the human family. Christ died, rose, ascended. Christ sends his Sprit upon us. We believe. We Love. We Trust. Let us go this week and thank the Lord for all He is doing for each of us. Until next week, Praise The Lord. Sal

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 29 Message from Sal

To each of us this is an important Holy week. And yes, we who came tonight began the walk with Jesus. We prayed to Him and sang and allowed ourselves to feel and listen to His words. ( My Children take time this week and allow Me into your heart, for I am a loving Father and you are My Children ). There was a reading from Psalms 121--another word was heard--(I will heal your pains ). We prayed some more and then shared on prayer, how important it is. We must tune in to God's presence. Wherever we are, God is present to us. We need to turn off the mute button and let prayer happen. We thank the Lord for getting us here and left with the Lord in our hearts. Next week there will NOT BE A PRAYER MEETING, we will return on April 12, at 7:30 p.m. in the Chapel. Pplease try to come and join us in a night of praise and worship with our Lord. Until then Have a Bless and Happy Easter. Love in Christ, Sal and Janice

March 15 Message from Sal

The night was damp and raining, but as we gathered in the Chapel we started to feel the presence of Our Lord. We began with prayer and at the quiet time Sal heard the Lord ask each of us to carry a nail in their pocket to remind them of His suffering and dieing on the cross for us. Carry this until Good Friday. The reading were: Proverbs Ch. 3---Psalms - 38---John Ch.15- ver. 1-12---and Matthew Ch. 5- The Beatitudes. A teaching was not given but we shared about the cross, and our lives and Sal read a short poem on "When I say, I am a Christian". which made us think. We look forward to next week, and try to carry that nail in your pocket to remind yourself why He died for us. Have a safe and bless week. God Bless Sal

March 8 Message from Sal

Tonight was different as we began in silence. There was something going on in the church so we could not start with song, so we opened with prayer for about 15 minutes. Many came tonight and The Lord was with us and the Holy Spirit touched each of us. A word was given ( I Am Here My Children fear nothing and place your trust in Me.) The readings were Psalms 25- ver.22---John 4 ver. 24-26---1 John 2 ver.24-27. The teaching came from Lindy. What a blessing. She shared on Having Faith In God, Mark ch. 11- ver. 2-25. We must measure our faith, and know what to do with our faith. We have a choice. And we must read the bible, trying to learn God's word, opening and hearing what He wants us to hear, by daily getting into His Word. We must trust also His word given to us. Lindy shared so much more. She has a special gift and share it with us, learning the word of God. Thank you for a great teaching. Many needed prayer and how powerful that time was. We are so thankful for this prayer group, a place to come when we are weak, and a place where we become strong in Our Lord. Until next Monday at 7:30 p.m. may the Lord keep each of you in His Loving Care. God Bless. Sal

March 1 Message from Sal

What a loving and powerful evening we had. The Lord is so good to us and we are happy to be gathered in His name. It was great to be back and Praise the Lord and to open our hearts and hands to our Father. A word was given{ My Children, I have told you this in the past, that I will take you on a journey, but the journey you will be on may be difficult but with your faith and trust in Me, you will prevail.} --The readings were--Isaiah Ch.6-ver. 1-8---Psalms 62--ver.1-9 and Psalms 125. The sharing was powerful, with many healings given, and we learned that the Lord wants each of us to listen to His call to read His Word. Next week we will meeting at 7:30 p.m. in the Chapel. Please try and come. Lindy will be doing the teaching and it would be nice to support her. I hope to see you all there, if not have a safe and bless week. God Bless Sal

Jan 11 Message from Sat

Thank You Lord, for getting us out tonight because we all were needed as we gathered in prayer in your Blessed Name. You never know what each week will bring when you come to the prayer meeting. Some evenings are stronger with the Lord then others. Tonight was very strong. The readings came from Psalms 34-and-Psalms 100. The teaching was also from Psalms 42-43, Where Is Your God? When we need Him, Where is God? We found the answer in Psalms (42: 11, 43:5), It says "Put your hope in God", and also from Hebrews 13:5- "I will never leave you nor forsake you". We also learned that we need to go to the altar of God and meet Him face-to-face. There in His presence we will find fullness of joy. Let us try it this week. May God Bless and keep you safe. Sal