Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sal's Message December 6, 2010

As we gathered in the Chapel for the last time this year, we could feel the chill in the air from the cold out side, but that did not stop us from Praising our Lord and opening our hearts to Him. As we did it warmed up a little. ""Very Little""- The joy did not stop because of the cold, the reading were: Proverb Ch.3--Psalms from different ver.#145-59-119-and-30--Revelation Ch. 2 ver. 3-7 and Philippians, Ch. 1-ver.3-11. The word JOY came up and Geri said Joy- "Jesus over You". We will try to remember this. The music was beautiful as Mary Ann played, and it really made us feel the presence of oure Lord. The teaching was on gifts with hidden price tags. We as believers can receive the wrong gifts from false teaching, but if we trust in Jesus we can receive the gift of eternal life. We also shared on how God wants us to paint our life with JOY, as we heard earlier. We ended in sharing and deep prayer and looking forward to next Monday as we gather for a Christmas Prayer Meeting with song and sharing and laughter at our home. Hope you all can make it. Until then at 7:30 p.m God Bless Sal

Sal's Message Dec 6, 2010

Tonight was a very cold evening. While the wind was really blowing and some snow flakes were in the air we gathered in His Name. We shared with each other and then opened with prayer. A word of prophecy was given, {{ TAKE THIS TIME TONIGHT MY CHILD AND ALLOW MY PRESENCE TO TOUCH YOUR HEART.}}--We did just that. The readings were: Psalms-92--and Psalms 23--. The teaching was --Do not grow weary in doing good, and you shine as lights in the world. So " let your light so shine before men, that they see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven." So please remember that even the smallest light can make a difference in the Darkened night. So no matter who your boss is you are really working for God. So whatever we do we do it in Jesus Name. We closed in joyful prayer, looking forward to next week. Until next Monday. God Bless Sal

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Sal's Message Nov 22

Merciful Savior Prayer Group, Yes we are proud to be a member. Aswe gathered in Jesus Name, the joy of The Lord came upon us. We sang and praised the Lord and allowed Him into our hearts. A word of Prophecy was given-{ Do Not Turn Away From Me, I Am Your Neighbor, I Am The Face In The Streets, I Am Around You.}-The readings came from: Psalms 54--Psalms34--Psalms 106--and--2 Peter ch. 1- ver. 3-9. Phyllis gave the teaching on Gifts. She shared so many interesting things. She said that we have each been given different gifts and the gifts are for you own enjoyment and also to make life good for others. Spiritual gifts ,all different, are to be given out and shared with others. Phyllis did a get job. She gave each of us a bag of simple gifts and explain what each one meant. We ended in prayer and left with the joy of Jesus in us. Next week there will NOT be a prayer meeting, but will return on Dec. 6. May each of you have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. God Bless Sal

Sal's Message Nov 15, 2010

I would like to thank Anne K. for leading the prayer group tonight. I really was not up to it. As we gathered in His Blessed Name, we could feel the strength of Jesus starting to grow stronger in the Chapel. As prayer began and we all started to get into deep prayer, a word was given, {{ Now Is The Time My Children To Open Your Hearts And Minds And Allow Me To Work With You.}}-Guess what that is what happened tonight. We opened our hearts and minds and He began to work in us. Another word was given { Keep On Praying Even When You Are Not Up To It. }--The readings were:-Psalms 36-ver. 5-9--and--Proverb Ch. 3, which was confirmed by Mary Ann. Take some time to read them this week. The teaching was given by Manney on Faith. He shared that Faith is a gift from God. We must believe in Jesus, and Faith is the beginning of Eternal Life. He shared of Peter's faith, and Mary's and many others. We must move forward, remember Christ is in us, and in front of us. We ended in singing The Lords Prayer and joyfully ended the evening. Next week we will meet at 7:30 p.m. for another evening of Praise and Worship. Please make a note that Nov. 29, we will NOT have a prayer meeting. Until next week. God Bless Sal

Sal's Message Nov1

How much do you love Jesus? Well, if you came to the Prayer Meeting tonight, you would have seen how the Love of Jesus was surrounding us in the Chapel. Through song and Praise we could feel His mighty presence. Thank you Lord for being so powerful tonight. A word was given-{{ Be Still And Know I Am Here And I Will Hear Your Cry.}}--The readings came from: Psalms 40--and--1 John Ch. 1-ver. 5-10. The teaching was on watching the pebbles in the road. As we walk with Jesus we watch for the big problems, but we must not be surprised with the little ones. Little sins can add up to big troubles. Also shared on having a Merry Heart. How do you get one? By thinking and acting positive and declaring that true joy begins deep inside. So if your heart is spiritually filled it will show on your face. Until next Monday at 7:30 p.m.-we will have a teaching given by Manney, so please try a come to support him. Have a blessed week. Love in Christ Sal