Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 21

Last night's prayer meeting was smaller in number but the Holy Spirit was with us as we prayed in adoration of our God and gave thanks to Him for all He has given us. Our singing could have been better but I'm sure God was smiling if not laughing with us! Please know that the needs of each of you and your families were remembered in our prayers. Through discussion and sharing we encouraged each other to read God's Word. If you feel God is not speaking to you, pray to the Holy Spirit for His Gifts and read your Bible. God does speak to us through His Word.

Next Monday evening we will again worship our Lord. Lindy will give a teaching on Forgiveness. Hope to see you. Anne

From Sal, June 14

What a beautiful evening we had with our Lord. We enjoyed the singing and felt the presence of Our Lord right by our side. The readings were:--Psalms 149--Acts. Ch. 19-Lamentation Ch. 3-ver.22--and--Matthew Ch. 15-ver. 29-31. We received a word {{ My children The journey ahead may be difficult but your arrival will bring you peace.}}The teaching was on Profitable Knowledge from Psalms 119-25-32. Some people devote more time to learning about the Bible than to discovering its message. Let's not get sidetracked by statistics but prayerfully study the content of the Bible to discover what God is saying to each of us. Manny shared on "Do not be Afraid", go in faith for God is at our side, always.. The next two meeting will be June 21 and June 28. Please bring your Bible for an evening of sharing. Please support our sister in Christ, Anne as she leads the prayer group. I will be on vacation June 21 and June 28. Our sister, Lindy will do the teaching on June 28. There will Not be a prayer meeting on July 5 because of the Holiday but will return on July 12. Have a blessed few weeks and enjoy the Holiday. God Bless Sal

From Sal, June 7

With the joy of the Lord with us tonight, we began sharing with some of our sisters and brothers in Christ. After opening prayers we began to feel The presence of Our Lord. Then the music started and while Mary Ann played and sang we felt Jesus was in the chapel. A word was given {{ My Children take what I offer to you tonight and share this with others.}}--The readings were: Psalms 121--and--Ephesians Ch. 14- Ver. 3 and on. The teaching was on the Word, a tape by Brendan Case. He said to go to John Ch.8 Ver. 31 and 32. We must get into His Word daily. We should also find one person to share with, getting into the bible everyday. Remember the Bible is the place where God wants to talk with us. LET'S TRY HARDER TO READ HIS WORD DAILY, EVEN FOR A FEW MINUTES. We share after the teaching and ended in prayer. There were many Sisters and Brothers present tonight it was great to see so many. Until next week, God Bless you and your family. Sal