Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sal's Message

Prayer, Praise, Song, and Jesus, is how we gathered tonight and fellowshiped with each other. Jesus is the way we were told, (Take hold my child for I will take you on a journey of love) and that is what happened tonight. The reading are: Ephesian Ch. 1-ver. 3-10----Isaiah ch.55---- and John ch.10--ver. 1-18. The teaching was on faith, and we were left to think about our protector, who He is. We know He is the One who stands with His arms wide open waiting for us to come and huddle in the security of all He is. We ended as always in prayer, and left with the love of Jesus in our heart. Just a reminder that there is no prayer meeting next week because of the Holiday. We will be back the following monday evening. Have a safe Holiday. Love in Christ, Sal

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

"Well, tonight was a very different type of night, and the Lord certainly showed a sense of humor! We arrived in the parking lot at church to find out both the chapel and church were being used for Confirmation. Not sure of knowing who was going to come to prayer meeting, we sat in Anne's van, first just 3 of us and we thought we would have just a quick prayer meeting in it...then 1 more came, and we made room, and then 1 more and we made more room....listened to a version of Amazing Grace on CD.....then two more came and we were out of space!!!! But we persisted and found the Music Room to be we all transferred to our next place to continue. I am sure the Lord looked down and chuckled too...we were tested but we carried on to a place for a little quiet time. Our thoughts turned inward for a few minutes to taking in all of God's love for us...without asking Him for anything at that moment..we just sat and "were". We were to just feel the presence of the Lord within us and "know" the Love there. Just as a baby chick is taken under its mother's wing for protection and love, so we too were to try to feel and experience that at that moment. We came with thankful hearts. Psalm 103 was read and we dwelled on the words. Our next few minutes turned to petitions and thanksgiving to our Lord above for allowing us the time to be with Him. And of course, we prayed for the power of the Holy Spirit to fall upon the young confirmation candidates. He truly is "Amazing Grace".