Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 29 Message from Sal

To each of us this is an important Holy week. And yes, we who came tonight began the walk with Jesus. We prayed to Him and sang and allowed ourselves to feel and listen to His words. ( My Children take time this week and allow Me into your heart, for I am a loving Father and you are My Children ). There was a reading from Psalms 121--another word was heard--(I will heal your pains ). We prayed some more and then shared on prayer, how important it is. We must tune in to God's presence. Wherever we are, God is present to us. We need to turn off the mute button and let prayer happen. We thank the Lord for getting us here and left with the Lord in our hearts. Next week there will NOT BE A PRAYER MEETING, we will return on April 12, at 7:30 p.m. in the Chapel. Pplease try to come and join us in a night of praise and worship with our Lord. Until then Have a Bless and Happy Easter. Love in Christ, Sal and Janice

March 15 Message from Sal

The night was damp and raining, but as we gathered in the Chapel we started to feel the presence of Our Lord. We began with prayer and at the quiet time Sal heard the Lord ask each of us to carry a nail in their pocket to remind them of His suffering and dieing on the cross for us. Carry this until Good Friday. The reading were: Proverbs Ch. 3---Psalms - 38---John Ch.15- ver. 1-12---and Matthew Ch. 5- The Beatitudes. A teaching was not given but we shared about the cross, and our lives and Sal read a short poem on "When I say, I am a Christian". which made us think. We look forward to next week, and try to carry that nail in your pocket to remind yourself why He died for us. Have a safe and bless week. God Bless Sal

March 8 Message from Sal

Tonight was different as we began in silence. There was something going on in the church so we could not start with song, so we opened with prayer for about 15 minutes. Many came tonight and The Lord was with us and the Holy Spirit touched each of us. A word was given ( I Am Here My Children fear nothing and place your trust in Me.) The readings were Psalms 25- ver.22---John 4 ver. 24-26---1 John 2 ver.24-27. The teaching came from Lindy. What a blessing. She shared on Having Faith In God, Mark ch. 11- ver. 2-25. We must measure our faith, and know what to do with our faith. We have a choice. And we must read the bible, trying to learn God's word, opening and hearing what He wants us to hear, by daily getting into His Word. We must trust also His word given to us. Lindy shared so much more. She has a special gift and share it with us, learning the word of God. Thank you for a great teaching. Many needed prayer and how powerful that time was. We are so thankful for this prayer group, a place to come when we are weak, and a place where we become strong in Our Lord. Until next Monday at 7:30 p.m. may the Lord keep each of you in His Loving Care. God Bless. Sal

March 1 Message from Sal

What a loving and powerful evening we had. The Lord is so good to us and we are happy to be gathered in His name. It was great to be back and Praise the Lord and to open our hearts and hands to our Father. A word was given{ My Children, I have told you this in the past, that I will take you on a journey, but the journey you will be on may be difficult but with your faith and trust in Me, you will prevail.} --The readings were--Isaiah Ch.6-ver. 1-8---Psalms 62--ver.1-9 and Psalms 125. The sharing was powerful, with many healings given, and we learned that the Lord wants each of us to listen to His call to read His Word. Next week we will meeting at 7:30 p.m. in the Chapel. Please try and come. Lindy will be doing the teaching and it would be nice to support her. I hope to see you all there, if not have a safe and bless week. God Bless Sal

Jan 11 Message from Sat

Thank You Lord, for getting us out tonight because we all were needed as we gathered in prayer in your Blessed Name. You never know what each week will bring when you come to the prayer meeting. Some evenings are stronger with the Lord then others. Tonight was very strong. The readings came from Psalms 34-and-Psalms 100. The teaching was also from Psalms 42-43, Where Is Your God? When we need Him, Where is God? We found the answer in Psalms (42: 11, 43:5), It says "Put your hope in God", and also from Hebrews 13:5- "I will never leave you nor forsake you". We also learned that we need to go to the altar of God and meet Him face-to-face. There in His presence we will find fullness of joy. Let us try it this week. May God Bless and keep you safe. Sal