Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Review of Prayer Group by Geri

On April 11th we met at Anne Kolshorn’s home to review our prayer group and discuss any changes that maybe needed. The meeting was attended by our host Anne K, Sal, Janice, Lindy, Phyllis, Eleanor, Pat, Mary Ann, Anne S, Bill and myself. The question was raised concerning the opening prayer. Sal stated it did not only have to come from him. If you hear the Lord speak to you share it with us. Sal hears the Lord and sometimes he questions it but he knows he must step out in faith. Sometimes it makes no sense to us but it might touch or speak to someone else. If it does touch you, after the prayer meeting, you could tell that person “that really hit home with me”. If you are given a word of knowledge or wisdom, share it with the group. It was agreed that Sal would continue with spontaneous opening prayer.

After opening prayer, we have our quiet time where we come and center ourselves. It is important to give the Lord the opportunity to speak with us. Please refrain from any chatter or noise as we concentrate on the Lord. If you have a song you might have heard during the week or is in your heart you can contact Maryann prior to the meeting so she can incorporate that song into our worship. Our songs start with a fast melody which energizes our praise, and we end our singing with slow melodies. Listen to the words for they are powerful.

When we do intercessory prayer, if you cannot hear just pray for those needs as our prayers go out to the Lord. Please try and keep it brief. Many people, if not all, have done a teaching. The Spirit has been working in us. Sal has accepted the responsibility for teachings but all are welcomed to share their faith with one another. Laying on of hands will not change. We are flexible and if you cannot stay for the entire meeting, we can adjust our meeting to meet your needs. Sal asked if anyone was interested again in doing the GOD BOX, which is sealed with our prayers and intentions. It is never opened and perhaps at sometime we could burn the box with our prayers in it.

We agreed that there would not be any email of our meeting sent out to those who have not attended for sometime, we would pray for them, and of course if requested a copy would be sent to them. Anne volunteered to send a copy of our weekly meeting to Phyllis and Pat who do not have email. The ABC guideline was mentioned which stands for audible-brief and Christ centered.
May the Lord continue to bless the Merciful Savior Pray Group.


Sal's Message April 19, 2011

" My Children I Hold Each Of You In My Heart, Remain Open And Allow Me To Heal You." This is what we heard as we began to pray. We also received a word from Ann K. "To Put All Our Concerns And Worries In His Hands. " Mary Ann blessed us with her music. We had a large gathering and we knew Jesus was with us. There was a reading from: Psalms 138 - which you should read again. Before the teaching Manny read a poem called "Desiderata" which was written in the 1920's. It was beautiful. If you want a copy let us know and we will print one up. The teaching was a story about a lady name Joanie, and the fears she had. When she was young, she had agoraphobia, the dread of open spaces. In time she turned to the Lord and through Reading, Praying, Trusting and Obeying, her fears were gone. In time God was strong in her life. Remember to be spiritual is to come to the place where there's nothing of us AND ALL IS OF GOD. We ended in prayer and shared for awhile. REMINDER NEXT MONDAY WE WILL NOT MEET, BUT RETURN ON MAY 2. May the Lord bless you and yours and have a safe and Bless Easter. Happy Easter love in Christ, Sal and Janice.