Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Message from Sal for August 28

With Praise and Glory we came together to sing and worship our Lord tonight. The music from Mary Ann was a gift from God. The present of The Holy Spirit was felt, a word was given: (Take hold of My hand my child for tonight I will take you on a journey, a journey of My Love for you.) That is what happen, as we travel with His love in our hearts and as we praise and sang to the Lord we were taken of a Journey. Some of the readings were: Proverbs Ch. 3 Ver. 1-12----Isaiah 35----Roman Ch.8-Ver.14-17----Matthew Ch 5.-----The teaching was given by MaryAnn, it was on "waiting " it was great, she told us that waiting can be hard, and many other things. She told us to wait on Him he will give us the strength to wait," alot to think about," and then we share on her beautiful talk. The present of the Holy Spirit was truly in our chapel tonight. Thank You, Just a reminder that next Monday we will not be there because of the Labor day weekend. We will meet on Sept. 11, at 7:30 p.m. and I will be doing the teaching. Have a bless week and stay well. Love in Christ, Sal

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sal's Message for August 21

As we gather tonight we started quietly praying and listening for the Lord to speak to us. We then sang some songs and had some readings. The night became more spiritual as we pray,and worship our Lord. We heard a word from the Lord,( The Lord told us that He was just a breath away from us.) The readings are: Romans Ch. 5 ver. 1--11, Isaiah Ch.40, Bill did the teaching which was beautiful, he share on Love thy neighbor and Love your God. That we must continue to do what God's wants us to do. Also God places us where He need us and then He will lead us. Our prays tonight where strong and you can feel the quiet, peace that surrounded us. (That's God).You can go on the blog. Bill will be writing his teaching as soon as he has time. Until next week, when MaryAnn will be doing the teaching please keep her in your prays. May God protect you and bless you this week. Love in Christ Sal

Friday, August 11, 2006

Sal's Message

Was the Holy Spirit present tonight? For sure, the Lord, His gifts, and the Holy Spirit tough each one of us tonight. The music from Maryann was beautiful, songs that touch our soul. We had a vision of the Holy Spirit shining over each of us. The Readings were: Roman Ch. 1 Ver.16-17---1Corinthians Ver. 4--9----Ephesians Ch.1-Ver.15--23---Psalms 9-Ver1----Isaiah 52-Ver7----. The teaching was on "Now That's God", showing us that he is with us always, and when we think something is a coincidence it is not-- "That's God in our life," in many different ways. We close with pray, and look forward to next week. God Bless Sal

( P.S. Next week the celebrating of the Solemnity of the Assumption, Mass is Monday evening at 7:30 p.m. we will attend mass and after meet in the Chapel for pray and sharing. )

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sal's Message

Well the lights went on in the chapel this week, as well as the air condition, and we thank God for that. Tonight we began quietly, listening to hear His words. He encourage us and told us we would be going on a journey and to hold on to Him and place our trust in Him. Each day is a journey went we walk with our Lord. Some reading where: Psalms 46---Psalms 30---Philippians 4----Roman 8---. One of the words share tonight was:" Jesus wants us to come to Him as we are, He will change us". The teaching was on Worry or Trust, we hear that we must place our trust in Him, that God is fond of us, He likes having you around.We must listen to Him and do what He tell us to do. Place our trust in Him this week know matter what. We ended in quiet pray and felt peaceful as we left to do God will. We will meet again next Monday, stay safe and may the Lord Keep you safe this week, God Bless. Sal