Monday, May 19, 2008

Sal's Message

With the love of Jesus we came together tonight with sharings, praise, song, and worship. Jesus was our focus, more so tonight in the teaching and in our prayers. "Boy", how we love our Lord. The readings were:Psalms 105- ver. 1-6 and Psalms 19. - vers. 8-9-10- & 15. Phyllis read a prayer from Mother Teresa- { Lord, open our eyes that we may see You in our brothers and sisters. Lord open our ears that we may hear the cries of the hungry, the cold, the frightened, the oppressed. Lord open our hearts that we may love each other as You love us.} The teaching was on keeping our eyes on the Savior. Remember, if Jesus is who He is, there is no truth more worthy of your time, and no God more worthy of your devotion. Just a reminder, we will not meet next Monday because it is Memorial Day. We will be back the following week, June 2. Until then have a blessed and happy week. Love in Christ, Sal

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Anne's Message

Last night, the day after Pentecost, we gathered again to pray. We worshiped the Lord in joy, and with song, aware that God has called us by name and is with us through His Spirit.

Thank you Geri for the very insightful teaching on the Prodigal Son. I especially liked the idea that the father did not just happen to see his son return that day. The father was watching in the distance every day waiting for his son.

Manny shared on Mary and mothers. This year it happened that Pentecost and Mother's Day fell on the same day and I just see now looking at my calendar that today is the Feast of Fatima. I shared the homily given by our deacon who mentioned all the concerns we have today and the manual he has found to be so helpful - holy scriptpure. He read a number of short passages from different sections of the bible which made me want to go home and read more and read every day. We thank you Lord for Your Words to us.

We prayed that Janice and Sal had a wonderful weekend trip and look forward to being together again with the Lord next Monday. God bless everyone. Anne

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Sal's Message

Praise the Lord in all things! Tonight we gathered and asked the Lord to touch our hearts, and that's just what He sure did, first with Mary Ann's music and then with His love just flowing through each of us. Two words were given: { I will hold your hand this week and I will be with you.} and {My Children I am so pleased with each of you}. We had a reading from James ch.1 ver. 19-27-and Acts Ch. 19. ver.1-8. The teaching was on, Adoption of the Heart, and God's promise to us, from Romans Ch.5-ver. 8, "God showed his love for us in this way; Christ died for us while we were still sinners". God loves each of us and we are His Children. We have been adopted by God and are therefore an "heir of God through Christ". Until next monday, Janice and I will not be there but please come and support Anne, as she leads and Geri as she does the teaching next week. May the Lord Bless each of you. Love in Christ, Sal