Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sal's Message

To all my Sisters and Brothers who attended last night's Prayer MeetingChristmas Gathering, thank you. Each of you made the night so beautiful. We sang and prayed and enjoyed the gift of each other which was great. The spirit of Christmas was truly in our home last night. We all enjoy the sharing around the table and food that was made. Thank you all for coming, for the light and the spirit of the season was with us and I pray we continue to bring the gift of Christmas to others. Until next year when we return to the chapel on Jan. 7, 2008, may God Bless each of you and your families and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR. LOVE IN CHIRST, SAL AND JANICE

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sal's Message

As we began a word was given, " Take hold my children for tonight I offer you the gift of Love, Peace, and Joy." Yes and as the evening continued in prayer, song, and praise, we felt the Lord's presence. The readings also were powerful. They were--- - Isaiah Ch. 2 Ver.2-5----Matthew Ch. 6--Ver. 19-21 also Geri gave a very powerful one, but I did not get where in the bible. Another word was given "I will take each of you in My Hands and anoint you." The angelic tongue was so beautiful tonight, you could feel the angels around us. The teaching was on Peace, another gift from God, who makes us instruments of peace to others. For the next three weeks we will not meet in thr chapel. Jan. 7, 2008 we will return to start a new year of praise and worship. Reminder next Monday Dec. 17, at 7:30 p.m. we will meet at our home fora Holiday prayer meeting. We hope you all can make it. Until then God bless, Sal and Janice

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The wind outside the chapel was whistling and it made you feel so cold, but what happened as we sang and warmed up with Mary Ann's beautiful music was such a great gift. In the quiet of the music we felt the warmth of the chapel and the warmth of God's love surround us. We had readings tonight from 2 Timothy Ver. 1 to 13 ----- Psalm 34- Ver. 2-4-- and from one song we sang "I Hear a Sound" saying "prepare ye the way of the Lord". Yes that is what we are doing and the teaching was on that also, Gifts of Love. So this year when we hear people say that gift giving is just a commercial aspect of Christmas we will be able to say..."No not my gifts....mine are from the heart'. I will make it a point to think that way when I buy my presents and give to those around me. Until nextMonday when we meet in the Chapel, may the Lord bless and keep you safe this week. Sal

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sal's Message

The evening started slow, could be the way the day was, damp and raining, but once we began to allow the Lord to touch us we felt our Lord's presence. The music was beautiful, what a gift the Lord gave us. Thanks, Mary Ann. After singing and hearing the Lord speak to us we prayed, listened to a teaching on Mercy, and just felt in love deeper with the Lord. The readings were: John Ch. 8 Ver 12 and Ver. 31-32--- Luke Ch6- Ver. 27-36--- and John Ch. 1-18. Remember, never ignore the opportunity to be merciful. So this week allow yourself to be merciful to others. We will meet next Monday in the chapel, so please park in the back so we can all leave together. May the Lord be with you this week. God Bless Sal

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sal's Message

It was good to be back to our regular prayer meeting in the Chapel. Tonight we allowed the Holy Spirit to gently touch us and we did not have to look at the time. The Lord was with us. A word was given, " My children remain open, hold My hand for I am with you."-- also My children I have walked among you tonight and I have anointed each of you. The readings were: 1Corinthians Ch.10- Ver. 23-26----and Psalms Ch.21-Ver. 1-8---. The teaching was on how to dwell in His presence and in moments of prayer giving thanks for the faith He has given us and also how grateful we are for the community, prayer group and our sisters and brothers that attend our pray meeting We are strong in number and powerful in prayer. We thank the Lord for all of us, and ended feeling joyfilled. We will meet next Monday and allow the Lord to touch our hearts again. Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving. Love in Christ Sal and Janice

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sal's message

Our prayer meeting tonight went from the choir room to Father Anderson,s Library, but when we settled down the Lord came upon us and we felt His presence. With song in our hearts and praise we enjoyed the singing and sharing. The reading were 2 Corinthian Ver. 5-----1John ch.3-ver24-29-----Psalms 23. We had a short teaching tonight on Finding Christ. If you read John13-ver.8-12 you may understand about looking for Christ in your life. He may be right in front of you, in your loved ones or your friends or people passing in your life. So this week seek the presence of God in all things, realizing that He is often to be found in the lives of those around us. Next Monday we will be back to our regular prayer service starting at 7:30 p.m. in the Chapel. Not sure if you can park in back or front. Just check as you drive in. Have a safe and holy week. God Bless, Sal

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sal's Message

Our Lord is so good. We could not get into the choir room so we went to the chapel and for the 45 minutes that we gathered together, we knew our Father was with us. Tonight we prayed and sang a few songs and enjoyed the presence of four new loving Christians, Jim and Rena, and Anne and her sister, Alice. The Spirit moved. You never know how He going to touch you. Anne K. shared on the Gift of Healing which was so needed tonight. There were many there who needed prayer and healing. Prayer was so powerful tonight. We saw a couple resting in the Spirit, and we saw the love ofJesus shared by our prayer group sisters and brothers. Thank you Lord for giving us this special short time together, but any time with ourLord is special. Wed. evening there is a Healing Mass at St. Ann's Church at 7:30p.m. It is time for us to come together and allow the Holy Spirit to heal us. I hope we can make it, I myself am not sure if Iwill be there but I am going to try. Monday we will meet in the Chapel. I found that we are able to finish in time before the bible study begins in the church. So please park in front and come through the church. Oneof the doors will be open early. May the LordBless and Keep you safe this week. Sal

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Sal's Message October 1

In the chapel or in the choir room, when we come together in the name of Jesus, the power of the Lord is always with us. In the 45 minutes that we sang, prayed, and offered up our prayers, we could feel the strength of Our Lord. The love in the choir room was strong. This love together with our love for Jesus filled each of us before we left to go either home or into the church for Father Dan's bible study. The reading tonight came from Psalms 1--Psalms 11---Psalms 97--and Revelation Ch. 3--. For the next five weeks we will meet at 7:30 p.m. in the choir room for45 minutes. Please try to come on time. There is a healing mass this Friday at Saint Catherine Church, 130 Bray Ave., Middletown. Praise andWorship starts at 7:00p.m.-Father Jeff Kegley-Celebrant of the Mass. May each of you have a blessed week. Sal

Monday, September 24, 2007

Sal's Message

Tonight we had the pleasure of having Sonia and Anna attend our prayer meeting. It was great to see both of them. We started quietly and allowed the Holy Spirit to come into our hearts. A word was given, "Tonight My children let you hearts be your guide and I will be beside you". The readings were: Psalms Ch. 33-ver.1-5---Psalms Ch.139-ver.1-18----Isaiah Ch. 41--ver.28----Matthew Ch. 5-ver. 3-10. A poem was read by Geri which was very powerful. The teaching was on Mercy, how God's mercy works in our lives. We must remember even the smallest act of mercy will show God's Love and patience to others. We ended in a small sharing and prayer. Another beautiful evening with our Lord. REMINDER, the next six weeks we will meet in the choir room, at 7:30p.m. Please try to come on time. We will pray, sing and offer up our prayers. Then we will go into church for those of us who will be attending the bible study at 8:30p.m. We will be parking in the front of church from now on. Have a blessed week, Sal

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sal's Message September 17

With the Grace of the Holy Spirit tonight, we enjoyed Mary Ann's beautiful music as always, and we allowed the Holy Spirit to come into our hearts. Being in the chapel and praising the Lord just makes you feel so good. A word was given: "My children when you leave here tonight you shall leave with a healing heart." The readings were:John Ch. 3----and Matthew Ch. 5-Ver. 1--12--"The Beatitudes". The teaching was on "A Divine Appointment", that is experiencing the Holy Spirit in your daily life. A story was read, and we realized that we are true children of God the Father, the Creator of all Things. We also had five minutes of just thanking the Lord for everything he is doing in our life. That was also powerful. Thank you Lord for a blessed evening. Until next Monday went we meet in the Chapel, God Bless each of you. Sal

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sal's Message

What a powerful evening the Lord gave us tonight! We started singing and praising the Lord off key, but after a while we sounded like angels. Well, that may be a bit too much but the Lord filled the chapel. The readings were: Ephesians Ch. 1 Ver. 3--6---2 Corinthans Ch 1. ver. 3--6 and 1Corinthans Ch. 1- ver. 26--29. The teaching was on Staying in the Palm of His Hand. The evil of the world is so prevalent that you almost seem foolish if you are not open to all the wrongs in it. We have to be careful to stay in this "safe place" that is, being in the Palm of His Hand. We must call on the Lord and know that He is our Shepherd, that He will always be there for each of us. We also had a powerful prayer time after the teaching. Many came up for prayer and we prayed for powerful healings. Until next week, may the Lord keep each of you safe. God Bless, SAL

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Anne's message

Even though it's summer and people are on vacation, including Jan and Sal, we continue to gather each Monday evening to give praise and thanks to the Lord. We were a group of nine last night. Mary Ann was there with her guitar which certainly helps keep us on key and makes us sound much better. John 17 vs 1-13 was read in which Christ prays for Himself and for his disciples that they may have the fullness of his joy. We did feel this joy last night. Our friends, acquaintences, and the world were lifted in prayer. Phyllis gave a wonderful teaching on forgiveness. It seems that this is something the Lord wants us to work on and we all need to look into our own hearts. Manny also shared briefly on Matthew 16 vs. 11-20. Manny and Evelyn are new to our group and we welcome them. I invited everyone to go to onecameback.blogspot.com. a new site for prayer requests started by my daughter. If you look to the right on this blog you will see a link to it which you can click on. There are many prayers needed. I am very thankful for the faithfulness and openess to the spirit of our group. God bless us all! Anne

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mary Ann's Message

I am sending this week's synopsis of our meeting in the absence of Sal and Jan who are traveling to Florida and cruising. They will be back in 10 days. Please keep them in prayer for a safe trip and refreshing one too.

Sal gave a word from the Lord: "You are my dear and faithful servants. Remain strong in me and I will never fail you". In our quiet time, we really felt the presence of the Lord at chapel. It is such a peaceful feeling to just be there.

The readings were:
Isaiah 40: 3-11- Comforting God's People
Jeremiah 31:1-14 - Gods' love is Everlasting, Always There
Colossians 1:9-14 Living Life Worthy in the Lord
1 Corinthians 13: 1-9 The Love We Must Have for Others

The teaching was on Forgiveness, a second week on forgiveness, so the Lord wants us to listen up and pay attention.

The story was of a man in wooded area thinking about all the things that made him feel hurt, anxious, angry, people who did him wrong, maybe not knowing they did that to him, all of the bad feelings that sometimes linger within the soul, harboring feelings for people who did things to him that he did not think were right nor fair.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sal,s Message Aug. 13

We started with prayer, praise and song, and as we sang the Lord started to touch each of us. We felt his presence and found peace in the Chapel. The readings were: James Ch.1-Ver. 19--27---Mark Ch. 11-Ver.22---Ephesians Ch. 4--Ver.14. The teaching was on Wisdom from EphesiansCh.4- Ver. 18-25, and how the Lord helps us use the wisdom of forgiveness to change our attitude and put on our new self. We are to be guided by His way, and when we go out and forgive our friends or family members or whoever, we then feel the presence and love of our Lord in doing so. If you were there tonight you felt the love of God surround each of us. Thank You Lord, for another peaceful and beautiful evening with you. Until next monday have a blessed and safe week. Love inChrist Sal

Sal,s Message Aug 6

Let the Lord lead and place your trust in Him and all will go well. Yes tonight we sang, praised and prayed and the readings I felt were strong and prayer time was very powerful. The readings are: Matthew Ch.6-Ver.19-21---Ephesians Ch. 1- Ver. 11-14---Philippians Ch. 2-Ver.6---also a sharing on prayer by Manny telling us how important it is to pray daily and often during the day. The teaching was on God's Promise in The Cross, and we were reminded of why God gave His only Son for our sins. Read John Ch.3-Ver.16- "For God So Loved The World That He Gave His One and Only Son, That Whoever Believes In Him Shall Not Perish ButHave Eternal Life. So this week take a good look at the Cross, and remember God's Promise. Until next Monday at 7:30 p.m. may you all have a blessed week. Sal

Sal's Message July 30

With the Joy of the Lord in our hearts we began with prayer and received a word from our Lord,"My children, remain open to my word, for tonight your healing begins." And I belive that His words are true. We sang and praised the Lord and received an inner healing. The bible ver. are: Isaiah Ch. 30----John ch.4-ver 31-36----Philippians ch. 4-ver.4---andProverb ch. 8 ver.4-9. The teaching was on the comming of Christ. If you read Revelation in the bible you can learn more about it. We were joined by a lovely couple, Manny & Evelyn, tonight. They are filled with the Holy Spirit. We will keep them it our prayers that they may join us again. We ended in prayer leaving with the love of the Lord with us. Until next Monday may the Lord bless and keep each of you safe this week. Love inChrist Sal

Sal's Message July 23

Lord, Thank you for bringing our prayer group together last night. As I sat and watched my sisters and brothers praise the Lord the love of Christ shinning from them was breathtaking!You are so good Lord! Fellowship was great. The reading were: Psalms 10 ver. 2--3, Psalms121---Ephesians Ch. 3- ver. 1--13, and Matthew 10,ver. 37-42. The teaching was on the power of prayer and how we all belong together as children of God. We want to live our life as His beloved child. And that we are doing. We want to be just like Jesus. We thank Debbie and Bruce for a great sat afternoon at there home. We left knowing the Lord is with us always. Looking forward to fellowship next monday. God Bless, Sal

Sal's Message July 16

Take a group of loving Christians and place them in a small chapel and allow the Lord to touch them, and see what happens. Yes how powerful theLord can be! We sang, praised the Lord and as always left tonight with the Love of Jesus. The readings are:1 John 2 Ch.1-Ver.5-10---Psalms 33-Ver.20-22----Isaiah Ch. 12. The teaching came from Mark 14: 32-36--. We began to understand God's suffering in the garden, and learned that God was never more human than at that hour. So if and when we are suffering let's take a walk in the garden of Gethsemane and know that God's greatest gift was his suffering for us. Until next Monday evening or if before that at Debbie and Bruce house this Sat. at 1:30p.m. may the Lord bless and keep each of you safe. Sal

Sal's Message July 9

Our God is so good. How good? So good. Tonight we gathered after our holiday off. It was so good to be together again. We started very quietly and then the Lord touched us with the readings and music. The praise became very powerful. Lord you are so good to us. With the gifts you give us and how you bring everything together we know that it's you. The readings are and please try and read them, Psalms 91----Psalms 46---andPsalms 9-ver. 1--21. Mary Ann's teaching finished the evening and the song and words on Grace were so powerful! We left filled with the Love ofJesus and we look forward to next week. Thank You Lord for the gift of You tonight. God Bless Sal

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sal's Message

As always we started with quiet prayer and as we prayed the Lord gave us a word. ( I have chosen each of you to lead. Now let your heart show you the way.) The reading were Psalms Ch. 104---Psalms Ch. 138--Hebrews Ch.5-ver. 7--10. The teaching this week continues from last week, which was Grasping for Grace. This week was What Grace Means. Romans8--31, said it all. "If God is for us, who can be against us?" So repeat the first four words this week and let it stay with you, ( God Is For US ). Yes, and when you learn that God is not only within sight, He is within reach, you will know that is what Grace Means. Next Monday when we continue on Grace, Mary Ann will be doing the teaching. The air condition is on for us now thanks to Father Dan. Have a blessed week, Sal

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sal's Message

My Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, what a beautiful night we had at the chapel. It was filled with the voices of angels and the power of the Holy Spirit was present. Although it was warm in the chapel we continued to sing, praise, and worship our Lord. A word was given, "Be strong my child and allow me to guide you and lead you and show you the way". The readings were: John Ch. 12- ver. 44----Matthew Ch.7-ver.7-12----Isaiah Ch. 58--ver.11-----Isaiah 41-ver.27--31---and Romans Ch. 15.- The teaching was on Grasping Grace. We learned or knew that "For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith----and this not from yourselves, it is a gift of God--not by works, so that no one can boast" (Ephesians 2: 8--9). Through grace we are able to walk on water, and life has real purpose, and God is not only within sight, he is within reach. Also prayer time was so powerful and the music was great. We are truly blessed to have the gift of Mary Ann and Rich 1 playing, and also to have Rich 2 with us. Next week we will meet and the teaching will be on what Grace Means. God Bless all of you this week. Sal

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sal's Message

Prayer, Praise, Song, and Jesus, is how we gathered tonight and fellowshiped with each other. Jesus is the way we were told, (Take hold my child for I will take you on a journey of love) and that is what happened tonight. The reading are: Ephesian Ch. 1-ver. 3-10----Isaiah ch.55---- and John ch.10--ver. 1-18. The teaching was on faith, and we were left to think about our protector, who He is. We know He is the One who stands with His arms wide open waiting for us to come and huddle in the security of all He is. We ended as always in prayer, and left with the love of Jesus in our heart. Just a reminder that there is no prayer meeting next week because of the Holiday. We will be back the following monday evening. Have a safe Holiday. Love in Christ, Sal

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

"Well, tonight was a very different type of night, and the Lord certainly showed a sense of humor! We arrived in the parking lot at church to find out both the chapel and church were being used for Confirmation. Not sure of knowing who was going to come to prayer meeting, we sat in Anne's van, first just 3 of us and we thought we would have just a quick prayer meeting in it...then 1 more came, and we made room, and then 1 more and we made more room....listened to a version of Amazing Grace on CD.....then two more came and we were out of space!!!! But we persisted and found the Music Room to be empty...so we all transferred to our next place to continue. I am sure the Lord looked down and chuckled too...we were tested but we carried on to a place for a little quiet time. Our thoughts turned inward for a few minutes to taking in all of God's love for us...without asking Him for anything at that moment..we just sat and "were". We were to just feel the presence of the Lord within us and "know" the Love there. Just as a baby chick is taken under its mother's wing for protection and love, so we too were to try to feel and experience that at that moment. We came with thankful hearts. Psalm 103 was read and we dwelled on the words. Our next few minutes turned to petitions and thanksgiving to our Lord above for allowing us the time to be with Him. And of course, we prayed for the power of the Holy Spirit to fall upon the young confirmation candidates. He truly is "Amazing Grace".

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sal's Message

Tonight the teaching was "I INVITE YOU INTO MY PRESENCE", but before we even heard the teaching, the Lord was so powerful. We each felt His strong presence through the silence and the gift of word, the songs sung and the sharing of our prayer family. One reading was given from Hebrews Ch. 5--and many words were given. One was " BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD", and we were. You could feel the Lord's presence bring each of us a special peace. Geri shared that the sign above Jesus on the cross, INRI could mean "I NEVER REGRET IT. We found this very powerful. We must always remember to trust the cross and when we do we will be welcomed into God's presence. Reminder we will not meet nextMonday, but will return on Monday, April 16, at 7:30p.m. in the chapel. Have a Happy and Blessed Easter, Love in Christ, Sal

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sal's Message

Take a small group of people, place them in a chapel, allow them the power to sing and praise the Lord, and you have an evening of complete Joy in Jesus. That is how we felt tonight. The Lord was there for each of us, We felt His Angels dancing around us as we praised the Lord. A word was given " I am aware of your presence my child and I am here to heal you". The readings were: Ezekiel Ch.37----Roman Ch. 1---Ver. 16-17. The teaching was on "What Will You Leave at The Cross?" We closed our eyes and relived Good Friday at the Cross. We were asked to leave something at the foot of the Cross so that we could be healed. If we leave all our sins, -literally at the Cross we will find a new peace. So find some quiet time this week and speak to our Lord at the cross, and leave all your sins and you will feel so good, good in Christ. Until we meet next Monday, May God Bless and Keep you safe. Love in Christ, Sal

Sal's Message

By some mistake I though we would be in the choir room, but we moved back to the Chapel tonight. I'm sorry for those who had to walk all around. We began quietly in prayer and listened to the Lord speak to each of us. Mary Ann played and her gift of music is so beautiful. The reading were: John Ch. 17- Ver. 20---24----and Joel Ch.2--Ver 12-17. The teaching was on Lent, and our thoughts why we are here, what purpose are we put on earth for? We found that we are here to accomplish something and to do our best to live the Gospel in all situations of our life. So we are left with this question, " Am I doing it?? Am I living the Gospel and thus having the effects that God wanted me to have on this earth?" ---If not,we still have some time. Something to think about this week. We ended in prayer and left with peaceful hearts. Until we meet next Monday in theChapel, may God Bless and keep each of you in the palm of His Hand. God Bless Sal

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sal's Message

The Lord was truly present tonight as we prayed and sang. His words were, "My children I am here, you have called Me, I am present. I will show you the way". He also offered a gift for each one of us. All we have to do is listen and feel it through our heart. He will show us. Well after that some of the readings and the teaching offered us gifts. The reading were: 1 Corinthians Ch. 4-ver. 9-----Micah Ch.7-Ver.18----Isaiah Ch. 41----Romans Ch. 4-Ver. 4-8-----JeremiahCh.18-ver.1-6. The teaching was on Love your neighbor as yourself. Becoming grateful is the armor to put on, and it will help us to see things more clearly. I believe this is a gift from God, which we can learn to use. Let us each day live out our Yes to the Lord. We will meet next Monday in the choir room at 7:30 p.m. Please pray for all of our Sisters and Brothers that attend our prayer meeting. We all need prayers. Until next Monday, God Bless. Sal

Sal's Message

We gathered together at Sal and Janice's house this week because the choir room was too cold a few weeks ago. It was bitter cold outside but the house was warn with the Love of Jesus and the fellowship of each other made the evening feel like summer. Jesus came to us last night with powerful readings and words given. The readings were: Jeremiah Ch. 1 -Ver.5----Jeremiah Ch. 29-----Psalms. Ch.62---and Joshua-1. A word was given " If your heart is heavy come forward and I will heal you'. We many have come with a heavy heart but I am sure we did not leave that way. We enjoyed Bill's sharing and ended in prayer. Some stayed for fellowship. a Until we meet next Monday, may the Lord Bless and keep each of you safe this week. God Bless. Sal

Sal's Message

The night was short but the fellowship was strong. Blessed with the presence of the Lord the night became filled with the power of prayers. We did not sing or have a teaching but the time together was filled with the love of Jesus in each of our hearts. There was a word given, in our quiet time. The Lord said, " Each of you here and all that are not will begin a journey, so stay aware and listen because I will be speaking to your hearts. We ended in prayer and remaining open to what is ahead for us as Lent begins. May the Lord Bless and keep each of you safe. God Bless until we meet in the choir room next week. Sal

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sal's Message

Thank you Lord for the power of prayer which was given to our prayer group tonight. The presence of the Lord surrounded us and with Mary Ann's music, we warmed ourselves in the Lord. The readings were: James 2-Ch.3--Ver13-18---1John Ch 5--ver.1--12---Deuteronomy ch.4--ver.31-- The teaching was on "Our Task," What do you think God is asking of you in your life? We neglect so many opportunities to "BE" Christ to those around us. We should pray every day for the heart of Christ--a heart of Love. Remember God's greatest gift to us is His Son, Jesus, so share the gift of Jesus with everyone you meet, not so much by your words as by your actions. Again, the night was very powerful for prayer. Many I believe will have answered prayers. Until next Monday as we meet in the choir room in the front of church. Have a blessed week and BE Christ to others. God bless, Sal

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Sal's Message

It may have been very cold outside, but it was warm at Sal and Janice's house as we gathered to warm up with our Lord. We prayed, praised and sang some songs. A word was given, ( Stand strong My children, for I am taking you on a journey, so be prepared.) There were some reading: John16---ver. 13-15-----Psalm 40------- 2 Corinthians Ch.9-Ver. 9-10. The teaching was on Psalm 150--we reflected on how we praise the Lord, and if we take the time to do so or not. We tried to focus on Our Lord 's presence around us and to always thank Him, Praise Him, and Love Him. We closed and some stayed for fellowship. Cold evening but the Love of Jesus in us kept us warn. God Bless, Sal

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sal's Message

The night was cold and the chapel was chilly but we all came with a warm heart and the love of Jesus, so keeping our coats on we sang and praised the Lord and warmed ourselves up. The power of prayer again was so very strong. There was a reading from Ephesians Ch. 1--Ver. 3--14. A word was given, "We have not chosen Him, He has chosen us and we are to go out and be fruitful. " Bill did the teaching and his gift of speaking and sharing is so powerful. He shared about real life, that bad things happen and that we should count our blessings and with God's help when the bad stuff comes we will know how to handle it. There was so much more in his teaching hard to share. We ended in joyful prayer and went to our warn homes and thanked the Lord for bringing us together again. Until next Monday, may the Lord bless you and keep you safe this week. God bless, Sal

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Our 3rd Organizational Meeting

Our 3rd organizational meeting began at 7:30 with prayers of praise, thanksgiving and petition. Janice and Sal, Mary Ann, Phyllis, Rich, Lindy, Bill, Geri and myself were present

We reviewed each aspect of our prayer meeting using last years minutes as our guide for discussion.

Prayer meetings are usually starting close to 7:30. This is improvement.

Since last year, we have made a smaller circle of chairs. We are able to hear better and have a better feeling of intimacy.

Sal has been opening with prayer. All are welcome to add to this prayer. This is followed by a time of silence. We as a group have become more comfortable with silence.

Mary Ann is now the music ministry since Rich Ruggeri has found a prayer group closer to his home. Mary Ann requested that we ask her before the prayer meeting if we want a particular song. This way she is able to play it at a time when it will fit in with the flow of the music and the meeting. When Mary Ann is not present to play for us it was decided we would prefer to sing acappello rather than with a tape because it feels more natural.

We discussed structure of our meeting versus spontaneity and we realize we need a balance, which we strive for.

We feel progress is being made with keepping intercessory prayer from becomming too long or "story time."

Sal was thanked for doing so many teachings. Sal expressed the hope that more of us would volunteer more often to teach since it does become a burden sometimes for him. Sal also believes it is good for us to do teachings and also we do enjoy listening to different members give their teachings. Bill volunteered to speak at the next meeting.

We will continue to pray for individuals at the end of our prayer meeting but if anyone needs to leave early or needs prayer earlier, we will happily pray for anyone at any time.

Mary Ann brought up the possibility of joining occasionally with another local prayer group. We could go to their meeting one time and they could come to ours another time.

I personally believe that these organization meetings are very important. This is an opportunity for us to discuss together whatever concerns we have about our group. The consensus tonight was that we are on track. Praise God!


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sal's Message

We opened in prayer and allowed the Holy Spirit to touch each of us tonight. Tape music was used and we sang and enjoyed the different songs and felt His presents among us. A word was given, "My children tonight I will light the way for each of you." We were told to listen from our heart, our soul, and our mind. The reading came from: 2 Corinthians Ch.12-Ver.7 ------Colossians Ch. 1 Ver.24---29. The teaching was How Significant Are You? We discovered the significance that has been ours all along as a child of the King. We must be aware of the power of prayer, realizing that our prayer, our life, can make a difference. Read Mark 11, Ver 22--25 and you know how important prayer is, and how powerful and significant you can get. God Bless, Sal

Sal's Message

How good if felt to come together after the Holidays. Praying, sharing and singing with our Sisters and Brothers tonight and lifting our prayers to the Lord was great. The presence of Our Lord was there when we remained open and allowed Him to touch us. The readings were: 2 Samuel 2---Luke Ch. 7- Ver. 37--45---John Ch.5--Ver. 19--30. The teaching was on Grace and how grace is an invitation to be "at home" with the Father. If we train our eyes to see, we will see Grace in many aspects of our life. God is with us in everything, so keep these words by your side, "Everything I have is Yours." Linger on those words. Live with them. Your Father is saying them to YOU. We will meet next Monday at 7:30 p.m. Until then may Grace be with you this week. God Bless, Sal