Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sal's Message October 24, 2011

We gathered together and shared with each other, and as we began to Pray we asked the Lord to come intoour hearts tonight and speak to each of us, and so He did. The words of Prophecy were: { Take This Time Tonight And Allow My Words To Speak To You. }---{ Walk With Me For I Am The Way }---{ My Hand Is On Your Shoulder}---{ We Trust In You Lord And Trust We Will Have.} The readings were Psalms 27--Mark Ch. 10-ver.45---Proverb Ch. 6-Ver.1-6. The teaching was on God's unconditional Love for us. He wants us to be totally free from fear. God moves on our behalf when we focus on Him instead of on our fears. We may feel fear at various times in our lives but we can choose to trust God. So listen to the Lord. He wants to speak to each of you. Seek Him, give Him your time and you will not be disappointed. So bring your fears to the Lord and place your trust in Him. After the teaching we shared and closed in deep prayer. Reminder THERE IS NO PRAYER MEETING NEXT WEEK OCT. 31, BUT WILL RETURN ON NOV. 7, AT 7: 30 P.M. TO PRAISE THE LORD. Until then have a safe and bless. two weeks. Sal

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