Thursday, August 04, 2011

Sal's Message Aug 1

Tonight was filled with joy in many different ways. We were happy to see Geri joining us and we thank her husband Tom for driving her to the prayer meeting. There also was happy sharing in many different area of our prayer family. As we began to pray a word was received: (( This Night Is A Holy Night, Allow Me My Children To Tough You With My Love. ))--The readings were: Psalms 95 -- Matthew Ch. 18 ver. 10 -13-- and -- Lamentations Ch. 3 -ver. 22. The teaching was on "Know Who You Are In Christ", to learn who we are in ourselves which we are nothing, but in Christ we can be, do, and have everything God promises us in His Word. We shares a little and each one of us was anointed with Holy Oil. We closed in prayer and look forward to our walking with Jesus this week because we know who we are. We will meet next Monday Aug. 8 at 7: 30 p.m. Until then have a bless week. God Bless Sal

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