Thursday, August 04, 2011

Sal's Message July 25

Words cannot always express how we feel or how some event may have gone. But tonight we sang and praised our Lord and we knew He was with us. There was sharing, song, and a lot of laughter. The Lord share a word, { I Am Your Loving Father, Tonight I Will Direct You, Listen Carefully My Children. } -- Two reading were given" Philippians CH.4-ver. 4-9--and--Psalms 54. If you have time please read these. Tonight was a sharing night, and Bill did share with us and we all listened and laughed and knew The Lord was working in his life. Lindy shares from Psalms 27. Again please take the time to read this. We closes in prayer looking forward to next Monday August 1, for another evening of Prayer, Praise, and Worship. We hope you can all make it. We need to Pray, Praise, and Worship oure Lord together. God Bless Sal

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