Thursday, August 04, 2011

Sal's Message July 27

Tonight was an evening of sharing. Many of our Sisters and Brothers could not attend. But for the seven of us that were there, we enjoyed the sharing, songs, readings, and the time of fellowships which was at the beginning and also at the end. As we prayed two words of Prophecy were received: ( I Am Your Almighty God And You Are My Faithful Children, With Whom I Am Well Please. )---also---( I Am Pleased That You Are With Me. ) This began an evening of Love. The readings were: Psalms 106--and--Luke ch. 4-ver. 14-18. We shared on gathering each week, and how sometime it is hard to get here on a Monday evening and that we should make more of an effort to attend once a week and also to invite a friend. It is important to come and Praise our Loving Lord, whatever night it is on. So we agreed to try and come each week. Next Monday is a Holiday 4th. Of July we will NOT MEET, but will return on July 11, 2011 - let us really try to keep this loving Prayer Group Strong and Flowing in God's Love. Have a Bless and Happy Holiday. Sal and Janice

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